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IOT is transforming business models and industries

Hey guys, as you know I have been quite busy co-founding of a brand new revolutionary product, modoola. The business concept is about designing smart furniture with embedded tech. I caught up with Robert Scoble at the IOT or Internet of Things conference in London and asked him some questions regarding new technologies coming up in the near future. Robert’s talk at the IOT conference was inspirational and mind opening. I asked him what he could see becoming revolutionary de...
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New Apple iOS Ad Blocker will drive SEO and PPC cost up

There has been a lot of buzz around ad blockers after the launch of iOS 9, Apple’s latest operating system, as content blocking software topped Apple App charts worldwide.  In the UK, two content blockers have hit the top 20 paid apps, with Purify at number 11 and Peace at number 12. In the US, the take-up has been even starker: Purify is at number 5 in the charts, and Peace is the top paid app nationally. Making ad blockers easily accessible to hundreds of millions of iPh...
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Black Friday UK Retailer Meltdown

Black Friday is well and truly upon us. It can be categorically said that this has been the biggest hype of the event ever in the UK; Thanksgiving and in particular ‘Black Friday’ has taken our little island by storm. And this hasn’t come out of the blue either. The interest has been growing through the media and word of mouth over a couple of years and especially in the last two weeks. So it may come as a surprise that many of our major retailers including Currys, John Lewis,...
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WordPress is hacked again: cashnude.com exploit hack solved

Over the years, we have seen plenty of WordPress hacks and thankfully they are usually fairly easy to diagnose. This bank holiday Monday we have fought a nasty one from cashnude.com a spammy website which opens up an adult chat as a pop up, under your site.    Just follow these simple steps to get rid of this nasty code injection: 1. The first thing you want to do is change your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) password, this is just an extra precaution encase your password has been c...
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12 Hot Tips on Writing Articles Google Will Love in 2014

Google loves content - specifically content that’s fresh, interesting and unique. Getting Google to love your content however, can sometimes be tough.   So to help you to get Google to show you some love, we here at Orchid Box have created 12 hot tips of the best writing practices for creating sharable articles, that search engines will love and people will want to read and share. It is worth being aware that these things will be in flux and – for example – it is ...
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Optimising Mobile Websites for Your Business

With over half of the UK population using smartphones, the internet is being accessed through mobile phones at an increasing rate. If a business doesn’t have a website, it’s seriously damaging its chances of success. This is becoming the way for mobile sites, too. Creating a mobile site should not only be on the top of developing businesses to-do lists, but so should optimising the usability of it.    Keep Text Input Low    The main issue with optimising your ...
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New SEO app, iRank, launched on the Google Play App Market

Orchid Box are proud to announce the release of our first Android app, iRank. This application, which also works on Android phone and tablet, is the first Keyword Tracking app on the Android Market (which is now called Google Play). Best of all? It’s on offer at half the original price - £4.    iRank is the first keyword tracking app on the Android market (it’s available in Google Play). It’s a revolutionary new tool that enables you to follow your search eng...
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Google AdWords Update

 As we all know, the world of SEO is dynamic and in a constant state of fluctuation. Just as the rules of the game never stay the same, neither do the tricks or tools. When it comes to Google AdWords and Analytics, the existence of monthly updates is pretty much the only thing that stays the same. Here are last month’s important updates: Automated Rules for MCC Certain aspects of My Client Centre (MCC) account management can be pretty time consuming. When working across multip...
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