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What do Michael Jackson and George Clooney have in common? The Power of Death in the Twitter and SEO world

The death of the somewhat polarising personality of the legendary and bizarre “King of Pop” Michael Jackson recently was obviously a sad, if not tragic, tale of talent, madness and suspicious sleepovers . But it didn't just mark the end of one of the "last great perfomers" (I bet they said that when Elvis/John Lennon/Kurt Cobain died) - it also sparked a great debate about the modernity and accuracy of the internet as a media source. Before any TV news stations had even a ...
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Bing Search Overtakes Yahooo - But Google is still Boss of the Search Engines

  A few weeks ago Orchid Box brought you a review of the four top new search engines - Bing, Wolfram, Cuil and Kosmix. Hearing today that Bing has overtaken Yahoo in the US in terms of traffic, we reckon it's time for an update...     1/ Bing So as mentioned above, Bing has stepped up to the plate for the new search engine kids and taken up the mantle of main Google challenger (though they are still well behind the G-Dog - 88% of the market compared to 6%). And even if it i...
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Web Usability Design Testing Tips: How to Optimise Your Site for the User

At Orchid Box we like to keep in the loop with the very cream of cutting edge web developers to maintain involvement with the latest technological developments across the web, whether it be in SEO, web design or ecommerce amongst many other facets. A recent drink shared with the web usability guru Steve Krug got us thinking about usability and the standard web user, and what we can do to optimise sites to meet the needs of the customer alongside the requirements of the search engines. A website...
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Wolfram, Bing, Cuil, Kosmix - New Search Engine Kids on the Block disunited against Google

  There always seems to be lots of excitable web news about the ‘latest rival to Google’ or how ‘Google’s dominance is about to end’, but in the last few weeks it appears that finally there might actually be some new search engines coming into existence that could potentially rival the big G. In the days of the decline of the searches Yahoo and MSN live! (though in the US both still hold a decent measure of success) it seems some new kids are on the block, ...
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P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, Diddy (or whatever his name is) and How to Lose 1,000,000 Twitter Followers in One Tweet #unfollowpdiddy

Warning: this blog post may contain a small amount of cynicism. Ah Twitter. What a bizarre world the Twitterers, Tweeters and Twits (that’s what I call them) live in. Orchid Box noticed this morning that the top Twitter Trending Topics was the rather strange #unfollowdiddy. We did some expert research into the trend using Reverend Google to establish the roots of this Twitter keyword and P Diddy’s involvement in such. Our research uncovered the following:   Mr Diddy was obvi...
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Adwords Displays Google Base Products in the Product Plusbox; Google Base Feed is must for Ecommerce

Google have this week expanded their testing of the “Product Plusbox” within Adwords – a project which entitles users to click a “plus” inside a sponsored listing, displaying products and information from that listing before the user clicks on the ad link itself. Now sending your feed to Google Base is ever more vital for ecommerce sites! Google’s Product Plusbox has moved into a limited beta setting, available only in the US at the moment, but Orchid Box can...
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SEO and IT Professionals hard at work... the Orchid Box Party

Thursday evening was time to for everyone here at Orchid Box to put our feet up and relax, have a few drinks and a good chat…not necessarily about SEO and PPC. We invited our clients from Bookarmy and Gurgle, as well as the Orchid Box crew and a few friends and web contacts, to come have a drink on us; an offer they seemed more than happy to take us up on! So we all headed to Alphabet in the trendiest e...
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Google Analytics for Dummies: Track, Analyse and Optimise the Traffic to Your Site

All you intrepid browsers of the web (not web browsers as in IE and Firefox) will probably have heard of Google Analytics, and if not, well frankly you are missing out. It is one of the essential tools of the SEO world, unavoidable when associated with PPC campaigns, and one Orchid Box uses on a daily basis to track our clients’ progress.   First a little history. The Analytics interface was developed when, having purchased Urchin Media in 2005, Google took on the “Urchin on D...
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IE6 and IE7 hack for max-width CSS property

IE does not recognize the max-width CSS property. This piece of code will fix it for IE6 and IE7. This code snip will make the maximum width for the html object 900 pixels. .cssClass { width:expression(document.body.clientWidth > 900? "900px": "auto" ); }  ...
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In the xammp or xampplite directory, there is a utility named "xampp-portcheck.exe" - running it will tell you if port 80 is "free", or if it is not it may show "SYSTEM" for example. If this test does not show port 80 is "free" proceed with the settings below. When installing wampserver the port 80 test determined that Skype might be using it. Solution: You can make it work if you change your skype's port. open skype... tools, options, connection . ...
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PHP Developer Internship (Expenses paid) London Soho

Recruiters: our board won’t let us use you, even though you may have our literal exact perfect candidate just waiting for an interview. Sorry. We are looking for PHP Developer Internee to join our vibrant team. We are offering internship for 3-4 months. Based on your performance we might offer a full time or part time job after successful completion of internship. What we require 1. Someone who is confident in using PHP, MySQL and AJAX. 2. Good to have knowledge of any AJAX framewor...
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Increase Your PageRank: The SEO process of Linkbuilding

Spiffing or Spam? At Orchid Box, we certainly do not think Linkbuilding is “spam” – in fact it is an essential part of the SEO business (as competitors like Omniforce, Epitaph Solutions and Vivid Lime will testify to), a laborious but invaluable process which spreads the word of your site out about the World Wide Web. We have wide experience in this field having provided for a number of different sites with very different needs (including gurgle and bookarmy) and thus can give...
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JavaScript function to generate URLs without any rubbish characters

Have you ever wanted to generate perfect URL from blog post or any page title? We couldn't find any free function available, for this reason our Sergey built an collection of amazing JS function for Orchid box CMS. We have decided to release it to the world so no other developer should struggle as we did. URL stripper features: -          Strip of any non alphanumeric characters -          Space convert...
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How To Build A Cutting Edge, SEO Friendly and User Focused Website...In 24 Hours

At Orchid Box we pride ourselves on being able to optimise sites and increase traffic as quickly as possible, so we decided to set ourselves a challenge. We wanted to see if we could create an SEO friendly site that would also be able to gain large numbers of traffic and low bounce rates – and complete this site within a day. The result was purehairstyle.com – a fully working site set up in well under 24 hours. Keyword Optimisation and User Interface The basic site idea is based...
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Another bookmarking service gone : Magnolia is dead

Shame to see another web 2.0 service wipped away by techincal problems. Here what you find on the Magnolia website: Unfortunately, database file recovery has been unsuccessful and I won't be able to recover members' bookmarks from the Ma.gnolia database. This means that the public bookmark recovery tools are the only source for recovering your bookmark collections. If you are interested in hearing more about what happened, the history of Ma.gnolia in general, and future prospects, you can wa...
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Furl has become part of Diigo.com

Dear Furl Users, The Furl team is very pleased to announce that Furl has become part of Diigo.com. We worked hard to find Furl a home where loyal users like you could continue to benefit from best-of-breed social bookmarking and annotation tools. Hands down, Diigo.com was the winner due to its innovative approach to online research tools and knowledge sharing. The Diigo team is dedicated to making sure you continue to get top notch features and service. They've got a crack team of technolo...
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Creatine Store has gone bust

Dear Reader another company has gone bust !   Hi frank We are sorry to have to inform you that Creatine Store Ltd, owners of Healthy Living Store have gone into administration. As a result, we have had to close the affiliate programme with immediate effect. Although we have not been paid by Creatine Store Ltd, as a gesture of goodwill, all pending transactions up to today will be validated (whether the order was fulfilled or not) and we will be paying all outstanding commissions ...
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Perfect Landing pages tips and technology

Effective landing pages are the key to converting customers through paid search. There is little point in spending money attracting people to your site if your pages aren't doing their job properly. If visitors to your landing pages have clicked through from your ad, they will have a specific goal in mind, so you need to convince them that your landing page is relevant to that goal. Orchid Box Perfect Landing pages Landing pages should be tested frequently to see if improvements can be ma...
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Top 3 Pregnancy, Sleeping and Feeding Books for Worrying Mothers

After locking ourselves away to read pregnancy books and baby books nonstop, we’ve emerged once again, newly born. Instead of speaking our first words, we’re speaking about our first pick of books. Hopefully our long process will be your bundle of joy and what satisfied our cravings will satisfy yours. And like all mothers, we’re confident that ours is the best. Pregnancy Books 1. Pregnancy: How To Enjoy It By: Gurgle This was a breath of fresh air in our otherwise stale and...
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Easy Keyword Extraction and Assured Keyword Strength

Here at Orchid Box, we’re always looking for the best keyword extraction techniques. Finding strong keywords for your content can be time consuming and full of trial and error. Having come across this fantastic keyword extractor we’re confident that this will make the keywords quest a whole lot easier. What It Can Do For You First, it acts as a safety net. Before you start using keywords in your campaign the site checks them for you. It makes sure that the keywords you sele...
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Top 7 tips on how to get better QS and save time creating google ads

Orchid box's top 7 tips on how to pay less for your pay per click ads, give your user a clear call to action and improve your quality scores. 1.  Know your enemies (the competition) Check out what the other guys are doing. Not only will you see what you’re up against but it might even give you ideas. If they mention a certain percentage off a purchase, then you can mention an exact number. Or you can tackle it from another angle; if they say “fast delivery” you can s...
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Gurgle.com Explains How to Spot the Signs of Antenatal and Postnatal Depression

At Orchid Box, we love to promote our clients via Online Press Releases. We worked with gurgle to make gurgle press release more accessible to search engines. While many women will have heard of the 'baby blues' and postnatal depression, some may be surprised to hear that depression during pregnancy is also quite common - this is referred to as 'antenatal depression.' Gurgle.com tells you how to spot the signs, discover the causes and find out how you can help if you experience any of these con...
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Link Builder / PPC copywriter wanted for work experience

Update : Thanks for your applications ! We have got the role covered now ! Our marketing solutions include Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Shopping Engine Management, Display Advertising. This is an unpaid work-experience placement - but an amazing opportunity to get some experience at an early stage start up. The Role: - Our Marketing team is looking for a work experience candidate to perform interesting Online Marketing tasks. - Our PPC and SEO clients include Mothercare, Harper ...
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