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Black Friday UK Retailer Meltdown

Black Friday is well and truly upon us. It can be categorically said that this has been the biggest hype of the event ever in the UK; Thanksgiving and in particular ‘Black Friday’ has taken our little island by storm. And this hasn’t come out of the blue either. The interest has been growing through the media and word of mouth over a couple of years and especially in the last two weeks. So it may come as a surprise that many of our major retailers including Currys, John Lewis,...
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HTTPS will give you a boost in ranking (Google Update)

Google recently announced that they have starting using HTTPS as a ranking signal in their search results. This comes after news they called for "HTTPS everywhere" in order to attempt to make the internet safer, at the recent Google I/O in June.  The decision to use HTTPS as a ranking signal was likely backed by Google's desire to make their services safer and more secure, this therefore having a knock-on effect for the internet as a whole.      In the past Go...
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WordPress is hacked again: cashnude.com exploit hack solved

Over the years, we have seen plenty of WordPress hacks and thankfully they are usually fairly easy to diagnose. This bank holiday Monday we have fought a nasty one from cashnude.com a spammy website which opens up an adult chat as a pop up, under your site.    Just follow these simple steps to get rid of this nasty code injection: 1. The first thing you want to do is change your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) password, this is just an extra precaution encase your password has been c...
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Drive greater social media traffic by playing the right Twitter Cards!

The ever prominent presence of social media in online marketing presents a unique opportunity to open up new streams of internet traffic to ensure continued success. This reduces a reliance on Google-specific organic traffic, producing a more reliable and diverse online marketing plan.  Companies are continually trying to make the most of all the social media platforms available to them and you do not have to look far to see that those who do it well reaps the rewards. Therefore any market...
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Local businesses take off with Google's new Pigeon update.

When Googles' new Pigeon update was released on the 24th July it was met by mixed reactions with some experts saying that the results would be beneficial to them and others stating that they would not. Not much is known of the actual changes that this update will bring as the details are being kept largely secret but the fact that Google has mentioned it means that it is a significant update. With the update Google has moved to improve the distance and location ranking parameters and delve deep...
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First authorship is scrapped, now video snippets are snipped as Google moves to favour its own media properties.

It seems that Google can't be pleased when it comes to the presentation of their search results. Reports have indicated that there has been a huge 44% reduction in the number of video snippets present in search results. A report by SEER interactive which shows the number of video snippets for a "iPhone 5 review video" search had fallen from 10 videos across 10 domains to  5 videos across 3 domains over the course of just 5 five days.    A number of large sites such a...
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Size Matters. The route to better content strategy through adaptation for all device screen sizes.

Whether we like it or not, it is human nature to judge a book by its cover and when it comes to viewing content the presentation and suitability is vital in determining its success.  The constant changing nature of content consumption presents a challenge to content producers: ensuring their content is suitable for all devices (smartphones, laptops/PCs and tablets). Facebook released gargantuan ad figures of $2.5 billion for the Jan-March quarter earlier this year and the majority of this ...
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Remember the little photos next to some Google search results??

  Well they're gone...!! 3 years after it was released, Google are removing the little images that appear next to authored content that was originally so popular. initially, Google authorship was widely acclaimed as it allowed content producers to improve the visibility of their content in search results and  it was simple to get authored content. Lately, Google has cut back on the amount of authorship content shown, improving the overall quality of the author snippets an...
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Orchid Box a truly international SEO company

  This week in February 2014, we have expanded our European team with the addition of Marion, Anita, Ayoub and Amanda. Orchid Box is now a truly multinational company with over 7 major European languages spoken in the London office. International SEO is fast becoming our main strength and by using talented multilingual copywriters and our bespoke outreach technology, we are one of the few UK agencies  able to deliver 500 articles a month in over 15 languages across the world. Our...
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How to Add Google Plus Authorship to a Shopify Site

Adding Google authorship to content is now an important step for many sites and content creators. Enabling your content to display its author gives your listings in the search engine results a potential increased CTR of over 20%. Including it on your site is relatively straight forward and platforms such as Wordpress make the process even easier with the brilliant SEO Yoast plugin. However, we found that adding G+ authorship to a Shopify site was slightly more difficult. We searched high a...
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Aujourd'hui Google Agit Contre Buzzea - le Réseau de Lien français

Buzzea a déjà posté un message sur leur site reconnaissant la pénalité de Google et ont prévenu tout le monde de leur fermeture. Si vous êtes une SEO française ayant besoin de plus de liens de qualité. Contactez-nous, nous pouvons vous aider sans utiliser de réseaux et votre client ne sera pas pénalisé. -- if you don't speak french -- Today Google is Taking Action Against Buzzea - The French Link Network Bu...
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12 Hot Tips on Writing Articles Google Will Love in 2014

Google loves content - specifically content that’s fresh, interesting and unique. Getting Google to love your content however, can sometimes be tough.   So to help you to get Google to show you some love, we here at Orchid Box have created 12 hot tips of the best writing practices for creating sharable articles, that search engines will love and people will want to read and share. It is worth being aware that these things will be in flux and – for example – it is ...
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[Shopify SEO] How to 301 redirect your non-www to www version of your site in shopify

After getting no concrete help from shopify help desk and getting the same *wrong answer* to be found on http://docs.shopify.com/manual/your-website/navigation/url-redirect on various sites, we found a quick hack that is able to canonicalize your domain url so that you won't have any strength dilution. Same that hasn't being properly documented yet, hence the need to spread the word.   go to /admin/settings/domains click on the www version tick  Redirect all traffi...
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Ultimate list of Google supported domains

Here some nifty list that some of you could find useful, especially if you are scraping google :) The below is the definite list (November 2013) of all google search engines sites by TLDs: google.com google.de google.at google.pl google.fr google.nl google.it google.com.tr google.es google.ch google.be google.gr google.com.br google.lu google.fi google.pt google.hu google.hr google.bg google.com.mx google.si google.sk google.ro google.ca google.co.uk google.cl google....
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Generic Country Code Top Level Domains

Google treats some ccTLDs (such as .tv, .me, etc.) as gTLDs, as we've found that users and webmasters frequently see these more generic than country-targeted. Here is a list of those ccTLDs (note that this list may change over time). .ad .as .bz .cc .cd .co .dj .fm .io .la .me .ms .nu .sc .sr .su .tv .tk .ws Google treats the following as gTLDs that can be geotargeted in Webmaster Tools. Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) .aero .biz .cat .com .coop .edu .gov ...
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Hack On How To Track Shopify Sales In Google Analytics – 3 Easy Steps

Allowing users to purchase through PayPal skews sales data in Google analytics, all transactions are tracked as PayPal which isn’t ideal as we want to know which channel is performing better. However, there is a simple solution to overcome this problem demonstrated in the 3 easy to follow steps below.  1. Login to your Shopify dashboard Login to your Shopify dashboard and click themes under the heading your website on the left side of the screen.  You will then be presented wit...
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