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Orchid Box a truly international SEO company

  This week in February 2014, we have expanded our European team with the addition of Marion, Anita, Ayoub and Amanda. Orchid Box is now a truly multinational company with over 7 major European languages spoken in the London office. International SEO is fast becoming our main strength and by using talented multilingual copywriters and our bespoke outreach technology, we are one of the few UK agencies  able to deliver 500 articles a month in over 15 languages across the world. Our...
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How to Add Google Plus Authorship to a Shopify Site

Adding Google authorship to content is now an important step for many sites and content creators. Enabling your content to display its author gives your listings in the search engine results a potential increased CTR of over 20%. Including it on your site is relatively straight forward and platforms such as Wordpress make the process even easier with the brilliant SEO Yoast plugin. However, we found that adding G+ authorship to a Shopify site was slightly more difficult. We searched high a...
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Aujourd'hui Google Agit Contre Buzzea - le Réseau de Lien français

Buzzea a déjà posté un message sur leur site reconnaissant la pénalité de Google et ont prévenu tout le monde de leur fermeture. Si vous êtes une SEO française ayant besoin de plus de liens de qualité. Contactez-nous, nous pouvons vous aider sans utiliser de réseaux et votre client ne sera pas pénalisé. -- if you don't speak french -- Today Google is Taking Action Against Buzzea - The French Link Network Bu...
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12 Hot Tips on Writing Articles Google Will Love in 2014

Google loves content - specifically content that’s fresh, interesting and unique. Getting Google to love your content however, can sometimes be tough.   So to help you to get Google to show you some love, we here at Orchid Box have created 12 hot tips of the best writing practices for creating sharable articles, that search engines will love and people will want to read and share. It is worth being aware that these things will be in flux and – for example – it is ...
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[Shopify SEO] How to 301 redirect your non-www to www version of your site in shopify

After getting no concrete help from shopify help desk and getting the same *wrong answer* to be found on http://docs.shopify.com/manual/your-website/navigation/url-redirect on various sites, we found a quick hack that is able to canonicalize your domain url so that you won't have any strength dilution. Same that hasn't being properly documented yet, hence the need to spread the word.   go to /admin/settings/domains click on the www version tick  Redirect all traffi...
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Ultimate list of Google supported domains

Here some nifty list that some of you could find useful, especially if you are scraping google :) The below is the definite list (November 2013) of all google search engines sites by TLDs: google.com google.de google.at google.pl google.fr google.nl google.it google.com.tr google.es google.ch google.be google.gr google.com.br google.lu google.fi google.pt google.hu google.hr google.bg google.com.mx google.si google.sk google.ro google.ca google.co.uk google.cl google....
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Generic Country Code Top Level Domains

Google treats some ccTLDs (such as .tv, .me, etc.) as gTLDs, as we've found that users and webmasters frequently see these more generic than country-targeted. Here is a list of those ccTLDs (note that this list may change over time). .ad .as .bz .cc .cd .co .dj .fm .io .la .me .ms .nu .sc .sr .su .tv .tk .ws Google treats the following as gTLDs that can be geotargeted in Webmaster Tools. Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) .aero .biz .cat .com .coop .edu .gov ...
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Hack On How To Track Shopify Sales In Google Analytics – 3 Easy Steps

Allowing users to purchase through PayPal skews sales data in Google analytics, all transactions are tracked as PayPal which isn’t ideal as we want to know which channel is performing better. However, there is a simple solution to overcome this problem demonstrated in the 3 easy to follow steps below.  1. Login to your Shopify dashboard Login to your Shopify dashboard and click themes under the heading your website on the left side of the screen.  You will then be presented wit...
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Google Adwords News: Adwords is splitting Serbia Montenegro into two location targets

To reflect real-world borders of Serbia and Montenegro, Google Adwords is splitting Serbia Montenegro into two location targets.  If one or more of your campaigns is targeting Serbia Montenegro, then Google is going to take the following actions:  ● Starting on 10/24/2012, Google Adwords will be deleting Serbia Montenegro as a location target in your campaigns and they will add Serbia and Montenegro as separate location targets to the same campaigns. ● Google strongly s...
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Optimising Mobile Websites for Your Business

With over half of the UK population using smartphones, the internet is being accessed through mobile phones at an increasing rate. If a business doesn’t have a website, it’s seriously damaging its chances of success. This is becoming the way for mobile sites, too. Creating a mobile site should not only be on the top of developing businesses to-do lists, but so should optimising the usability of it.    Keep Text Input Low    The main issue with optimising your ...
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New SEO app, iRank, launched on the Google Play App Market

Orchid Box are proud to announce the release of our first Android app, iRank. This application, which also works on Android phone and tablet, is the first Keyword Tracking app on the Android Market (which is now called Google Play). Best of all? It’s on offer at half the original price - £4.    iRank is the first keyword tracking app on the Android market (it’s available in Google Play). It’s a revolutionary new tool that enables you to follow your search eng...
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Google AdWords Update

 As we all know, the world of SEO is dynamic and in a constant state of fluctuation. Just as the rules of the game never stay the same, neither do the tricks or tools. When it comes to Google AdWords and Analytics, the existence of monthly updates is pretty much the only thing that stays the same. Here are last month’s important updates: Automated Rules for MCC Certain aspects of My Client Centre (MCC) account management can be pretty time consuming. When working across multip...
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AFNIC has launched IDN registrations

  We are pleased to know that AFNIC has launched IDN registrations, allowing people and entities to register domain names with characters such as é, ç, ê, or the German ß. If you own a domain name registered under one of the following extensions .fr, .yt, .pm, .wf, .tf, and/or .re, you have priority to file the "IDN" variants of that domain in the same extension. Example: if you were the owner of the domain elysee.fr, you could register élys&e...
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April 2012 - SEO update

Local Search Listings Come Up Trumps According to a recent study conducted local search listings provide the most relevant search results irrespective of medium.   The study, conducted by comScore, entailed that local search listings now serve as an online business entity identities retrieving in important information such as website URL, reviews and photos.   Facebook's IPO Delayed Facebook’s planned initial public offering (IPO) has been pulled back following a serie...
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SEO news from Orchid Box Italian Office

Last Monday I spent a day in Orchid Box Italian office talking to my fellow continental SEOs Danilo and Gennaro. Business is going well over in Italy despite the crippling recession, and high tax rates. Indeed Italian taxation is now the 3rd heaviest in the world after Denmark and Norway. Italy is a country where SEO isn't a fully developed practice yet and you still find the classic examples of web agencies offering SEO services without much of an idea of the wide SEO world and its ethical pra...
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Bing is going to start charging for the api

Bad news for all the SEO using Bing API, they are going to stop the FREE API and start charging for it. It is a sad news as Bing API was the only FREE alternative to google scarping. We have used it partially on our SEO software tool to get relevant results for several campaigns.   Here the email from Bing team: Dear Bing API Developer: For the past several years, the Bing Search API has made search data available for developers to innovate and build upon. Today we a...
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Samantha Brick & The Mail Online - Using Outrage for Link Building

 Anyone casting half an eye on the Twitto-Blogosphere over the last 48 hours cannot have failed to have heard the name "Samantha Brick". The journalist, writing for the Mail Online, managed to cause worldwide consternation and confusion by writing an article entitled "Why Do Women Hate Me For Being So Beautiful", a work so astoundingly narcissistic and deluded that it seems like it should have been written by Gareth on The Office.    But aside from the arg...
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Bulk Domain Checker Tool by Outreachr

Orchid Box are proud to announce the launch of a brand new SEO tool in partnership with social outreachr tool Outreachr. The tool, called the Bulk Domain Checker, allows you to grab contact details, SEO metrics and a range of other handy information about multiple sites within minutes.   If you’ve got a pile of URLs you want to gather social data and contact information for, this tool could potentially save you hours of digging and researching. Simply enter your domains (it should...
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iRank SEO Expands Keyword Tracking to New Countries in Version 2.0

iPhone users can enjoy being updated by personalised results for the news, the weather, and now, their SEO ranking.     Orchidbox have launched version 2.0 of their iRank SEO app, which lets iPhone users easily track their keyword rankings via simple keyword charts. The iRank SEO app now caters to other country domains. Previously the app was only compatible with .co.uk and .com websites.   New Countries Added to iRank SEO: - Canada ...
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Domain Authority - All You Need to Know

Domain Authority is a metric created by the brainboxes over at SEOmoz essentially to try and create a new, more reflective score on how likely a domain is going to be able to rank in Google's search results. It's a score that here at Orchid Box we're much more interested in  than the usual Google Page Rank, which is intermittently calculated and significantly less influential than it used to be. That isn't to say we ignore PR as a metric completely, but we take it more as an indicator tha...
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Google Expands Sitemaps on Google Webmaster Tools

Last week Google announced the launch of their new sitemaps features within Google Webmaster Tools. Let's take a look at the new features:     First and foremost, the visual changes to the area are clear. Data such as indexation and submitted URLs is now presented in simple but effective graphs, and the deeper information is all tabled neatly in easily accessible detail. Errors are displayed much clearer, and are grouped to make navigation and understanding easier. This makes...
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Google Social Share Lets You Start Conversations From Your Search Results

Every day of early 2012 seems to be a new chapter in the saga of Google’s social search  vs. the rest of the social media world. Here’s a summary of what’s happened in the last week or so: Will Social Share make Plusers of us all? Only a couple of weeks after controversy broke over Search Plus Your World, Google is pushing the concept of social sharing. Here’s how it works in brief: search for a topic,...
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10 Tips for Google Analytics First-Timers

Google kicked off 2012 with some improvements to its free-to-use analytics platform. We’ve put together a list of tips that beginners and intermediate users could use to improve their website and ecommerce.  Here are new features to help you pick out the ‘actionable’ data from detailed metrics reports.   It is important to let Google Analytics run for a couple of weeks to gather enough data before you start reacting to trends and amending your site. The planning s...
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List of Google websites with country codes

 I had to look for this data today and it wasn't very easy. I want to share with you my findings: Google Search Engine URL Country Served International Country Code http://www.Google.com USA US ...
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