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Google Adwords News: Adwords is splitting Serbia Montenegro into two location targets

To reflect real-world borders of Serbia and Montenegro, Google Adwords is splitting Serbia Montenegro into two location targets.  If one or more of your campaigns is targeting Serbia Montenegro, then Google is going to take the following actions:  ● Starting on 10/24/2012, Google Adwords will be deleting Serbia Montenegro as a location target in your campaigns and they will add Serbia and Montenegro as separate location targets to the same campaigns. ● Google strongly s...
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Optimising Mobile Websites for Your Business

With over half of the UK population using smartphones, the internet is being accessed through mobile phones at an increasing rate. If a business doesn’t have a website, it’s seriously damaging its chances of success. This is becoming the way for mobile sites, too. Creating a mobile site should not only be on the top of developing businesses to-do lists, but so should optimising the usability of it.    Keep Text Input Low    The main issue with optimising your ...
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New SEO app, iRank, launched on the Google Play App Market

Orchid Box are proud to announce the release of our first Android app, iRank. This application, which also works on Android phone and tablet, is the first Keyword Tracking app on the Android Market (which is now called Google Play). Best of all? It’s on offer at half the original price - £4.    iRank is the first keyword tracking app on the Android market (it’s available in Google Play). It’s a revolutionary new tool that enables you to follow your search eng...
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Google AdWords Update

 As we all know, the world of SEO is dynamic and in a constant state of fluctuation. Just as the rules of the game never stay the same, neither do the tricks or tools. When it comes to Google AdWords and Analytics, the existence of monthly updates is pretty much the only thing that stays the same. Here are last month’s important updates: Automated Rules for MCC Certain aspects of My Client Centre (MCC) account management can be pretty time consuming. When working across multip...
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AFNIC has launched IDN registrations

  We are pleased to know that AFNIC has launched IDN registrations, allowing people and entities to register domain names with characters such as é, ç, ê, or the German ß. If you own a domain name registered under one of the following extensions .fr, .yt, .pm, .wf, .tf, and/or .re, you have priority to file the "IDN" variants of that domain in the same extension. Example: if you were the owner of the domain elysee.fr, you could register élys&e...
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April 2012 - SEO update

Local Search Listings Come Up Trumps According to a recent study conducted local search listings provide the most relevant search results irrespective of medium.   The study, conducted by comScore, entailed that local search listings now serve as an online business entity identities retrieving in important information such as website URL, reviews and photos.   Facebook's IPO Delayed Facebook’s planned initial public offering (IPO) has been pulled back following a serie...
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SEO news from Orchid Box Italian Office

Last Monday I spent a day in Orchid Box Italian office talking to my fellow continental SEOs Danilo and Gennaro. Business is going well over in Italy despite the crippling recession, and high tax rates. Indeed Italian taxation is now the 3rd heaviest in the world after Denmark and Norway. Italy is a country where SEO isn't a fully developed practice yet and you still find the classic examples of web agencies offering SEO services without much of an idea of the wide SEO world and its ethical pra...
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Bing is going to start charging for the api

Bad news for all the SEO using Bing API, they are going to stop the FREE API and start charging for it. It is a sad news as Bing API was the only FREE alternative to google scarping. We have used it partially on our SEO software tool to get relevant results for several campaigns.   Here the email from Bing team: Dear Bing API Developer: For the past several years, the Bing Search API has made search data available for developers to innovate and build upon. Today we a...
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Samantha Brick & The Mail Online - Using Outrage for Link Building

 Anyone casting half an eye on the Twitto-Blogosphere over the last 48 hours cannot have failed to have heard the name "Samantha Brick". The journalist, writing for the Mail Online, managed to cause worldwide consternation and confusion by writing an article entitled "Why Do Women Hate Me For Being So Beautiful", a work so astoundingly narcissistic and deluded that it seems like it should have been written by Gareth on The Office.    But aside from the arg...
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Bulk Domain Checker Tool by Outreachr

Orchid Box are proud to announce the launch of a brand new SEO tool in partnership with social outreachr tool Outreachr. The tool, called the Bulk Domain Checker, allows you to grab contact details, SEO metrics and a range of other handy information about multiple sites within minutes.   If you’ve got a pile of URLs you want to gather social data and contact information for, this tool could potentially save you hours of digging and researching. Simply enter your domains (it should...
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iRank SEO Expands Keyword Tracking to New Countries in Version 2.0

iPhone users can enjoy being updated by personalised results for the news, the weather, and now, their SEO ranking.     Orchidbox have launched version 2.0 of their iRank SEO app, which lets iPhone users easily track their keyword rankings via simple keyword charts. The iRank SEO app now caters to other country domains. Previously the app was only compatible with .co.uk and .com websites.   New Countries Added to iRank SEO: - Canada ...
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Domain Authority - All You Need to Know

Domain Authority is a metric created by the brainboxes over at SEOmoz essentially to try and create a new, more reflective score on how likely a domain is going to be able to rank in Google's search results. It's a score that here at Orchid Box we're much more interested in  than the usual Google Page Rank, which is intermittently calculated and significantly less influential than it used to be. That isn't to say we ignore PR as a metric completely, but we take it more as an indicator tha...
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Google Expands Sitemaps on Google Webmaster Tools

Last week Google announced the launch of their new sitemaps features within Google Webmaster Tools. Let's take a look at the new features:     First and foremost, the visual changes to the area are clear. Data such as indexation and submitted URLs is now presented in simple but effective graphs, and the deeper information is all tabled neatly in easily accessible detail. Errors are displayed much clearer, and are grouped to make navigation and understanding easier. This makes...
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Google Social Share Lets You Start Conversations From Your Search Results

Every day of early 2012 seems to be a new chapter in the saga of Google’s social search  vs. the rest of the social media world. Here’s a summary of what’s happened in the last week or so: Will Social Share make Plusers of us all? Only a couple of weeks after controversy broke over Search Plus Your World, Google is pushing the concept of social sharing. Here’s how it works in brief: search for a topic,...
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10 Tips for Google Analytics First-Timers

Google kicked off 2012 with some improvements to its free-to-use analytics platform. We’ve put together a list of tips that beginners and intermediate users could use to improve their website and ecommerce.  Here are new features to help you pick out the ‘actionable’ data from detailed metrics reports.   It is important to let Google Analytics run for a couple of weeks to gather enough data before you start reacting to trends and amending your site. The planning s...
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List of Google websites with country codes

 I had to look for this data today and it wasn't very easy. I want to share with you my findings: Google Search Engine URL Country Served International Country Code http://www.Google.com USA US ...
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Do a Barrel Roll in Google

  Google is the most powerful search engine in the world, it earns billions of dollars per year, it has revolutionised the web and yet still astonishes everybody. We are not talking about a new technology that will help to solve all the global problems, but their latest “ innovation “ is a great little digital easter egg . Yes folks, while the Western society is facing one of the deepest recession of the history, the Google staff has spent their hours developing this new feat...
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Google Finally Indexes Javascript & Ajax

Much to the chagrin of webmasters, developers and SEOs alike, Google have never been very good at coping with Ajax or Javascript content on websites and opt never to index their content. This means a wealth of comment plugins and more technical elements of people's sites have never been able to contribute towards their search engine content. The onus has always been on us to find the solutions. We've had to hack round Facebook comments to get them to be read, even if we had hundreds of unique c...
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Steve: The man who created the Apple of Eden

Steve Jobs is gone, and with him all the genius of a brilliant manager. He was not only a  revolutionary businessman, he was a man who had always believed in a dream, looking forward to the obstacles and the walls that envious people had tried to build up on his existence path. His dream was to create a better world through a clean, pure and functional technology, and he passed away with a smile drawing on his face, because today his colossal enterprise is an emperor of billions and ...
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Orchid Box SEO Agency : A golden bridge between UK and Italy

The world is changing fast, so is the marketing. Nowadays, expanding a business in another country is not a target granted exclusively for colossal enterprise. With the invasion of computers followed by the internet revolution and the gradual creation of the European Union with his “free market“ the obsolete conceptions of “ border “ and “ geographic limits “ have became irrelevant. Therefore, most of the governments have adopted new philosophies of investm...
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After Libya, they bombard Wikipedia. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchmen?

A flurry of new, fresh and full of spring aromas is lingering in the atmosphere. Started from the north African lands spreading all over the planet. A gust of freedom, a revolutionary blast which is palling the Western “ democratic tyranny “. Yes, I’m talking about those countries which claim themselves of being the admirable model of “ a real and loyal republic in which the need of each citizen is the priority and above all the freedom speech is a holy and untouchable...
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webfont news : Adobe acquires Typekit

A while back we bought some Typekit fonts for a client and we automatically got subscribed to Typekit newsletter. Typekit is a well know service that allows web designers to use a wide rage of web fonts within HTML pages.   Here what we got last night:   Webfont news : Adobe acquires Typekit Just a few moments ago, Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch took the stage at their annual MAX conference and explained the company’s Creative Cloud strategy. Part of that announc...
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Google Panda Climbs Up The Global Ladder But What Are The Effects?

  Earlier this year, Google launched an algorithm – Google Panda Update. The aim of Panda update is to provide the most relevant answers to people’s queries by filtering out low quality sites which may not be of interest or relevance to the user. As you will know Google is a search engine that aims to give people the most relevant results to their search queries so the more specific and helpful the results are, the more people are going to use Google over its competitors....
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Awesome stats: Google + reaches 1M registered UK users in just 16 days

In case you didn’t know about the new craze that is Google Plus, here is some interesting info: Google Plus is a social networking site created by the search engine giant, it began as a top secret service which created a buzz through its invite only process, which of course everyone wanted one!  Research shows that the Google’s social network Google Plus is growing at a vast rate. Whilst Google Plus began as an invite only user base, this has recen...
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iRank - the first Keyword Tracking app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod

Orchid Box are proud to announce the release of our first iPhone app, iRank. The application, which also works on other Apple products such as the iPod Touch and the iPad, is the first Keyword Tracking app offered in the Apple Store. And best of all? It's absolutely free.  iRank allows you to add one domain and 10 keywords of your choice and follow all those keywords' rankings in Google over time. The app gathers search engine result data for your chosen keywords and follows their Googl...
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Second Google Page Rank Update of 2011

In 2011 there has been two Page Rank updates the first was sent in January 2011 and the second was sent during the last week of June.   You can check your website page rank either using a browser or via some website. We have listed below some useful sites: http://www.google.com/toolbar/ff/index.html http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php http://www.checkpagerank.net/ http://www.iwebtool.com/pagerank_checker http://www.free-pagerank-checker.com/ If you need information on what Go...
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ICANN's New Domain Guidelines

ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) has recently given the go ahead to create a new set of generic top-level domain suffixes with various endings such as .SKI, .NYC or .LA for the first time since .com suffixes were introduced over 20 years ago. This new initiative will greatly increase the geography of the Internet. The new guidelines will potentially allow cities, countries and companies to buy URLs ending in their brand name such as .Apple or .Google. This could be a...
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New Facebook Tag Suggestions

Facebook users add more than 100 million tags to their photo's and Facebook has been upgrading it's photo tagging technology (for example by increasing resolution of photo's from 720 pixels to 2048 pixels) and more recently by launching Facial Recognition tagging.   According to the Facebook Blog it is called "tag suggestions" the new technology works when you or a friend uploads a new photo to Facebook, it uses facial recognition software to match new photos to other photos you...
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eBay Acquires Magento

eBay announced earlier this week that it will acquire the remainder of the 51% of Magento Inc it did not already own. Magento is well known for its open source eCommerce platform, since its inception in 2007 Magento has provided retailers with an opportunity to build customisable online stores, with an excellent administrative interface into the eCommerce back end, and also included the usual features such as shopping carts, product reviews, search engine optimisation options for products and mo...
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Link Building: Say Goodbye to Article Marketing

Google Panda landed in the UK on the 9/4/2011 and immediately and dramatically changed the way SEO agencies do link building. Google's Panda update was a major algorithm change that affected almost 12 percent of all search results, and the web is still buzzing about the implications which include dramatic losses for some companies (Mahalo, Suite 101), and gains by some established sites known for high-quality information. In the pre-Panda days one of the primary ways we performed link buil...
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Kate Middleton image search gone crazy the day before the wedding

SecretSalons.com, an Orchid Box website, has seen a surge of queries for Kate Middleton coming from Google Images.  This is a screenshot from Google Webmaster tools.       Tip: Image search is a great opportunity to drive traffic to your site. You should seriously think about it when you will redesign your site. At Orchid Box we like to tackle SEO leveraging on Google products, images and video searches to maximise traffic. Note: Secret Salons is looking for investmen...
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we love the new lady.co.uk new look

Lady.co.uk has decided to celebrate the royal wedding in style. Check out a picture taken from my iPhone:   About The Lady In continuous publication since 1885 and widely respected as England's longest running weekly magazine for women, The Lady is celebrated both for the quality of its editorial pages and its classified advertisements.  ...
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