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Google Search - Is Google Becoming a Monopoly?

  The story of Google is one of growth, gross and global domination. They have long prided themselves as a company of bringing the fairest and most accurate search results in the world, their algorithms and innovations bringing about the very best of web technology over the last decade. But for a company with the slogan "competition is one click away", has Google begun to abuse its position atop the internet's pedestal? You might have noticed search results changing ove ...
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Adwords Displays Google Base Products in the Product Plusbox; Google Base Feed is must for Ecommerce

Google have this week expanded their testing of the “Product Plusbox” within Adwords – a project which entitles users to click a “plus” inside a sponsored listing, displaying products and information from that listing before the user clicks on the ad link itself. Now sending your feed to Google Base is ever more vital for ecommerce sites! Google’s Product Plusbox has moved into a limited beta setting, available only in the US at the moment, but Orchid Box can...
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