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Aujourd'hui Google Agit Contre Buzzea - le Réseau de Lien français

Buzzea a déjà posté un message sur leur site reconnaissant la pénalité de Google et ont prévenu tout le monde de leur fermeture. Si vous êtes une SEO française ayant besoin de plus de liens de qualité. Contactez-nous, nous pouvons vous aider sans utiliser de réseaux et votre client ne sera pas pénalisé. -- if you don't speak french -- Today Google is Taking Action Against Buzzea - The French Link Network Bu...
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Samantha Brick & The Mail Online - Using Outrage for Link Building

 Anyone casting half an eye on the Twitto-Blogosphere over the last 48 hours cannot have failed to have heard the name "Samantha Brick". The journalist, writing for the Mail Online, managed to cause worldwide consternation and confusion by writing an article entitled "Why Do Women Hate Me For Being So Beautiful", a work so astoundingly narcissistic and deluded that it seems like it should have been written by Gareth on The Office.    But aside from the arg...
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Linkbuilding - Quality vs Quantity

A great debate amongst SEOs is the question of links - should you target high quality, high authority links in small numbers, or get hundreds of paid links elsewhere on low page ranked sites that might hold less weight individually? Well, it's a tough question, but a very valid one.   Unique domains are undoubtedly a great source for links, and important for your site to gain page rank - with the right targets you can boost your ranking for certain keywords and niches qite quickly. But ...
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