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we love the new lady.co.uk new look

Lady.co.uk has decided to celebrate the royal wedding in style. Check out a picture taken from my iPhone:   About The Lady In continuous publication since 1885 and widely respected as England's longest running weekly magazine for women, The Lady is celebrated both for the quality of its editorial pages and its classified advertisements.  ...
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Facebook Changes its VAT Structure for its Advertising Clients

 The global social networking site Facebook has recently announced it has made a change to the VAT rate for those who advertise on the site. Unless you state your VAT registration number (including country prefix) prior to the purchase of the adverts you will be charged Irish VAT. Facebook states that if you are ‘purchasing adverts for a business purpose and your principal place of business is not in Ireland, Irish VAT will not be added to your purchasing costs’. However, it ...
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Facebook PPC Advertising Help from Orchid Box

  Facebook advertising is a fast growing PPC market which increasing numbers of business are looking at taking advantage of. Though in comparison to Google Adwords the platform has its limitations and the advert options are somewhat limited, the opportunities for demographic targeting are massive and ensure that many companies enjoy a much stronger return from Facebook PPC than they do from Google.  Though Google allows you to target a specific region, placement site or search...
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What's Prohibited on Adwords?

Some of our PPC clients have asked us which products are forbidden on Google Adwords. We have put together a list of must not advertise on Google and we suspect the list is pretty much the same for yahoo and Bing.   •  Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia No selling weed, crack, meth, magic mushrooms, LSD, or any other mind-bending substances via PPC. You also can't sell bongs, glass pipes, and other getting high accessories... except for black lights, those are still ok. •&nbs...
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London PPC with Orchid Box - We Don't Compare Meerkats

    As a prominent London PPC agency, we like to keep up to date with the latest UK PPC technology and developments so we can remain in front of the competition. A great UK Pay Per Click story arose in the news the other day which might have surprised a few outside of the paid click advertising but not us at Orchid Box. It is proof of the way you can use our London PPC Agency to gain a headstart in the Google search world, no matter how well ranked your site is organically.  ...
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Image and Flash Action Script Ads - Increase Your Advertising Revenue and Look Good Doing It

The developing wizards (not literally, they tend to favour keyboards over magic wands) at Orchid Box have once again struck gold in the eternal search for the best online advertising. Our new flash action script ads are now active and ready to spread about  the world wide web to promote our Page Rank Crawler (for link see below), and if you want something similar, all you have to do is get in touch with us. The wide experience of our developers mean we have ideas and designs for all eve...
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