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Google Adwords News: Adwords is splitting Serbia Montenegro into two location targets

To reflect real-world borders of Serbia and Montenegro, Google Adwords is splitting Serbia Montenegro into two location targets.  If one or more of your campaigns is targeting Serbia Montenegro, then Google is going to take the following actions:  ● Starting on 10/24/2012, Google Adwords will be deleting Serbia Montenegro as a location target in your campaigns and they will add Serbia and Montenegro as separate location targets to the same campaigns. ● Google strongly s...
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Google AdWords Update

 As we all know, the world of SEO is dynamic and in a constant state of fluctuation. Just as the rules of the game never stay the same, neither do the tricks or tools. When it comes to Google AdWords and Analytics, the existence of monthly updates is pretty much the only thing that stays the same. Here are last month’s important updates: Automated Rules for MCC Certain aspects of My Client Centre (MCC) account management can be pretty time consuming. When working across multip...
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What's Prohibited on Adwords?

Some of our PPC clients have asked us which products are forbidden on Google Adwords. We have put together a list of must not advertise on Google and we suspect the list is pretty much the same for yahoo and Bing.   •  Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia No selling weed, crack, meth, magic mushrooms, LSD, or any other mind-bending substances via PPC. You also can't sell bongs, glass pipes, and other getting high accessories... except for black lights, those are still ok. •&nbs...
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Google Search - Is Google Becoming a Monopoly?

  The story of Google is one of growth, gross and global domination. They have long prided themselves as a company of bringing the fairest and most accurate search results in the world, their algorithms and innovations bringing about the very best of web technology over the last decade. But for a company with the slogan "competition is one click away", has Google begun to abuse its position atop the internet's pedestal? You might have noticed search results changing ove ...
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New Google Feature: Multidimensional Bid Management through the Conversion Optimizer

Any PPC regular who uses the Google Bid Optimizer alongside Adwords will have experienced the endless battles that ensue between what Google wants you to do (spend more money funnily enough) and the results you want from your campaign. But now Google has brought about a Multi-dimensional Bid Management add-on which, according to them, will... "Increase your AdWords conversions and decrease cost per acquisition. On average, campaigns adopting the Conversion Optimizer achieve a 21% increa...
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Adwords Displays Google Base Products in the Product Plusbox; Google Base Feed is must for Ecommerce

Google have this week expanded their testing of the “Product Plusbox” within Adwords – a project which entitles users to click a “plus” inside a sponsored listing, displaying products and information from that listing before the user clicks on the ad link itself. Now sending your feed to Google Base is ever more vital for ecommerce sites! Google’s Product Plusbox has moved into a limited beta setting, available only in the US at the moment, but Orchid Box can...
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