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Bing is going to start charging for the api

Bad news for all the SEO using Bing API, they are going to stop the FREE API and start charging for it. It is a sad news as Bing API was the only FREE alternative to google scarping. We have used it partially on our SEO software tool to get relevant results for several campaigns.   Here the email from Bing team: Dear Bing API Developer: For the past several years, the Bing Search API has made search data available for developers to innovate and build upon. Today we a...
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Facebook Changes its VAT Structure for its Advertising Clients

 The global social networking site Facebook has recently announced it has made a change to the VAT rate for those who advertise on the site. Unless you state your VAT registration number (including country prefix) prior to the purchase of the adverts you will be charged Irish VAT. Facebook states that if you are ‘purchasing adverts for a business purpose and your principal place of business is not in Ireland, Irish VAT will not be added to your purchasing costs’. However, it ...
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Bing Search Overtakes Yahooo - But Google is still Boss of the Search Engines

  A few weeks ago Orchid Box brought you a review of the four top new search engines - Bing, Wolfram, Cuil and Kosmix. Hearing today that Bing has overtaken Yahoo in the US in terms of traffic, we reckon it's time for an update...     1/ Bing So as mentioned above, Bing has stepped up to the plate for the new search engine kids and taken up the mantle of main Google challenger (though they are still well behind the G-Dog - 88% of the market compared to 6%). And even if it i...
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Wolfram, Bing, Cuil, Kosmix - New Search Engine Kids on the Block disunited against Google

  There always seems to be lots of excitable web news about the ‘latest rival to Google’ or how ‘Google’s dominance is about to end’, but in the last few weeks it appears that finally there might actually be some new search engines coming into existence that could potentially rival the big G. In the days of the decline of the searches Yahoo and MSN live! (though in the US both still hold a decent measure of success) it seems some new kids are on the block, ...
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