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Size Matters. The route to better content strategy through adaptation for all device screen sizes.

Whether we like it or not, it is human nature to judge a book by its cover and when it comes to viewing content the presentation and suitability is vital in determining its success.  The constant changing nature of content consumption presents a challenge to content producers: ensuring their content is suitable for all devices (smartphones, laptops/PCs and tablets). Facebook released gargantuan ad figures of $2.5 billion for the Jan-March quarter earlier this year and the majority of this ...
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Orchid Field Blog Post - Why you need Monitoring Tools to Stop Duplicate Content

Looks familiar? We can all be the victims of treachery sometimes, but in all my years I have never experienced anything like this. The Orchid Box blog has been the victim of a horrendous crime, as a mean spammy content thief has stolen one of our enthralling blog posts! OK, so I might be being slightly dramatic, but really? Who steals a blog post? They got rid of the keywords rather bizarrelym and even gave us an even more exciting name in "Orchid Field"! Anyway, what this does&nb...
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Kuno Tierra Website Build - Complete with CMS, Phone Tracking, Split Testing, Enquiry Tracking

Here at Orchid Box we’re giving ourselves big pats on the back for our recent achievements with the new website for Kuno Tierra, a luxury spa in the West End of London. Our project was to build an SEO-optimised site that looked good and worked well for both users and the search engines, tailored to drive as much traffic as possible to the site, and then to convert that traffic to bookings at the spa. Check out the homepage below:        Aside from the attractive a...
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Linkbuilding - Quality vs Quantity

A great debate amongst SEOs is the question of links - should you target high quality, high authority links in small numbers, or get hundreds of paid links elsewhere on low page ranked sites that might hold less weight individually? Well, it's a tough question, but a very valid one.   Unique domains are undoubtedly a great source for links, and important for your site to gain page rank - with the right targets you can boost your ranking for certain keywords and niches qite quickly. But ...
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Canonical Tag, 301 redirects? Avoiding Duplicate Content and Multiple Site issues

    Google recently posted a useful video about Duplicate Content and Multiple Site issues, a talk which brought up some very interesting points to consider for many webmasters. It is regularly told by both us and other SEOs around the globe (not just London PPC agencies!) that duplicate content needs to be managed carefully, especially amongst bigger sites, as it can impact the search engines’ rankings of your pages. Duplicate content between different domains is most cer...
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