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Share Your News with Newsfix

  Here at Orchid Box we would like to introduce our newest addition to our web page family – News Fix, a free article and news submission site that is already taking the internet by storm with new members signing up every day.  It is always a dilemma for companies on how best to promote their latest offer, new service or company launch in the most effective way. Such a task can be a very expensive process with marketing strategies generally using lots of TV and radio advert...
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Are There Cracks in Google's Monopoly Beginning to Appear?

    This week a court ruling in Italy marked a watershed in Internet communications law, and perhaps a worrying step in online privacy rules, as three Google executives were prosecuted of violating privacy and given six month suspended sentences. Their crime? Allowing a video of an autistic schoolboy to be uploaded and present on their video site for 24 hours, despite the fact that it was removed as soon as Google were made aware of its presence. But aside from the frankly ridicul...
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Google Recommends Avoidance of the plus sign in URLs

  Interesting little piece of advice here for you - it has come to our attention at Orchid Box that Google are now recommending the avoidance of the "plus" sign in - that is to say "+" - in URLs. Generally speaking, the plus sign is used as shorthand for a space in query parameters, but while it can be used in such a way in URLs, it isn't a good idea. The plus sign is sometimes transformed into a space or to "%20" which can cause problems for the spiders cr...
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From Garage Google to Godly Google - Humble Web Beginnings

Being a startup company ourselves, Orchid Box understand our clients' needs when they have to work within tight and constrained budgets and timings. And every company has to start somewhere, which, in the case of the web, more often than not means a bedroom or dark and dingy cupboard somewhere. So where did some of the biggest web companies today actually begin? Well, let's have a look:   1. Facebook   Mark Zuckerberg, almighty creator of the Facebook "empire", is much ...
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Image and Flash Action Script Ads - Increase Your Advertising Revenue and Look Good Doing It

The developing wizards (not literally, they tend to favour keyboards over magic wands) at Orchid Box have once again struck gold in the eternal search for the best online advertising. Our new flash action script ads are now active and ready to spread about  the world wide web to promote our Page Rank Crawler (for link see below), and if you want something similar, all you have to do is get in touch with us. The wide experience of our developers mean we have ideas and designs for all eve...
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How to Get Your Website's Images Found on Google Image Search - A Guide to Webmasters and SEOs

The dimension of images brings a whole new problem to search engines and optimisation. There are billions of jpegs, bitmaps, gifs amongst many other images to view on the web, all in need of organisation, but it’s not nearly as simple to do so as it is with websites. Normal HTML pages have titles, metadata, anchor links and backlinks amongst other factors, all of which influence its subject matter and quality as determined by the Google crawlers. With web pages there is all this hidden ...
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Bing Search Overtakes Yahooo - But Google is still Boss of the Search Engines

  A few weeks ago Orchid Box brought you a review of the four top new search engines - Bing, Wolfram, Cuil and Kosmix. Hearing today that Bing has overtaken Yahoo in the US in terms of traffic, we reckon it's time for an update...     1/ Bing So as mentioned above, Bing has stepped up to the plate for the new search engine kids and taken up the mantle of main Google challenger (though they are still well behind the G-Dog - 88% of the market compared to 6%). And even if it i...
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