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Black Friday UK Retailer Meltdown

Black Friday is well and truly upon us. It can be categorically said that this has been the biggest hype of the event ever in the UK; Thanksgiving and in particular ‘Black Friday’ has taken our little island by storm. And this hasn’t come out of the blue either. The interest has been growing through the media and word of mouth over a couple of years and especially in the last two weeks. So it may come as a surprise that many of our major retailers including Currys, John Lewis,...
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Awesome stats: Google + reaches 1M registered UK users in just 16 days

In case you didn’t know about the new craze that is Google Plus, here is some interesting info: Google Plus is a social networking site created by the search engine giant, it began as a top secret service which created a buzz through its invite only process, which of course everyone wanted one!  Research shows that the Google’s social network Google Plus is growing at a vast rate. Whilst Google Plus began as an invite only user base, this has recen...
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we love the new lady.co.uk new look

Lady.co.uk has decided to celebrate the royal wedding in style. Check out a picture taken from my iPhone:   About The Lady In continuous publication since 1885 and widely respected as England's longest running weekly magazine for women, The Lady is celebrated both for the quality of its editorial pages and its classified advertisements.  ...
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Second level domain names in the UK and SEO

Some of our clients have asked us to advise them on domain names. There are quite a few second level domain names in the UK. The easiest choice is to get a co.uk, but sometimes you might be able to get very powerful domain extensions. If you don't try you will never win :) Second-level domains •    .ac.uk - academic (tertiary education and research establishments) and learned societies •    .co.uk - general use (usually commercial) •  ...
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London PPC with Orchid Box - We Don't Compare Meerkats

    As a prominent London PPC agency, we like to keep up to date with the latest UK PPC technology and developments so we can remain in front of the competition. A great UK Pay Per Click story arose in the news the other day which might have surprised a few outside of the paid click advertising but not us at Orchid Box. It is proof of the way you can use our London PPC Agency to gain a headstart in the Google search world, no matter how well ranked your site is organically.  ...
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