Keyword Research - Hit No. 1 for the Right Terms

To truly optimise any site in terms of SEO, it is an absolute must to establish what keywords you want to focus your work towards. It may seem simple enough to have a site selling shoes and aim for the first page of Google for the term "shoes" - but as ever things aren't as simple as that.

With our tailored keyword research, we can help you focus your activities in the right areas, aiming an SEO strategy towards both realistic and worthwhile targets - i.e. those that have traffic, and those that convert.

SEO keyword research

Our Keyword Research includes the following services (as per your preference) :

  • Initial market research
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Current status check
  • Comprehensive keyword discovery and competition analysis
  • Conversion analysis (according to your aims)
  • PPC keyword research

Keyword research plays a major part in formulating how your website's online marketing strategy will pan out, so take the professional edge into your SEO package and take the best practice from the start.

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