Local SEO

Local search is now a major factor in the search engine algorithms and with the unprecedented rise in mobile computing, consumer local search intent has risen too.

Essentially, people want to be able to find goods and services that are nearest to them wherever they are, local search helps them do that.

Local search optimisation can give you and your business valuable search engine real estate in local search listings, raising your visibility in the search engine result pages, making it easy for users to find and contact your business.

Here at Orchid box we can help you take advantage of organic local search and put you on the map without the need for years of SEO work, putting you one step ahead of the competition.

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How to get on local business centre

We can advise on the best way to get your site onto, and high up, on Google Local Business Centre, helping you optimise your site for your location and according to the best client base you want to target.

Especially in the less competitive markets where there is currently no Google Maps result, you can dominate the top of the results with a huge visual presence with will significantly improve your click through rates, and all this without ranking number one organically! We know the tricks of the trade to take advantage of this new search technology in its early days, so contact us now to enjoy the results just weeks down the line!

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