New Site Optimisation - Increase your web visibility

It's often a struggle for new sites to make an impact, but there are ways to get a head start in Google. We can help you build your site to be optimised from the start, or advise you on the best ways to do so, enabling you to boost your traffic in those difficult first weeks.

new website optimisation

Below are just some of the ways we can help optimise your new site:

Information Architecture

Are you planning to launch a new website? Have you thought about how search engines are going to navigate through your site? We could advise you on building navigation based on search queries in accordance with your usability demands.

Website Content Based on Keyword Research

We can advise you on writing content, even write Search Engine friendly content for you. Nowadays web site owners need to learn to communicate with users and search engines in combination. If a particular term is too competitive, then it might be necessary to tweak the website content and target a different but similar term.

How to Bring Organic Traffic to Your New Site

We can help you to index the site on Google, Yahoo and Bing as quickly as possible so you can that organic traffic flowing to your pages as soon as possible.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising can give you a boost and an immediate way of targeting an audience for your site - and getting above those big sites in the rankings! We can manage your campaigns or just advise you on the best way to do so. Check out more on PPC services here.

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