On Page Optimisation - Technical review

Inevitably, a major slice of what forms the search engine algorithms comes from their analysis of your on-page content, yet many sites around the web fail to take advantage of this. Small alterations in on-page HTML code could boost their search engine ranking without too much effort.

Our comprehensive on-page website review analyses your sites HTML structure in its entirety, correcting any errors that we find and adding code vital for optimised SEO.

seo page optimization

Our fully comprehensive on-page SEO service covers the following:

  • HTML optimisation
  • International Audit
  • Social Media link up
  • Metadata review
  • Page performance metrics
  • Content review, including SEO Copywriting advice

If you are planning a website redesign or want to improve your customer experience, don’t forget to think about Google. We will perform what we call: Transition Audit to make sure your rankings and content are transferred properly into the new platform without any issues.

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