Orchid Field Blog Post – Why You Need Monitoring Tools

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Content

duplicate content and monitoring tools

Looks familiar?

We can all be the victims of treachery sometimes, but in all my years I have never experienced anything like this. The Orchid Box blog has been the victim of a horrendous crime, as a mean spammy content thief has stolen one of our enthralling blog posts!

OK, so I might be being slightly dramatic, but really? Who steals a blog post? They got rid of the keywords rather bizarrelym and even gave us an even more exciting name in “Orchid Field”!

Anyway, what this does display aside from a unique take on the English language, is an ever more acute need to keep ahead of the game with monitoring tools to watch out more any duplicating bots across the wild and wide seas of the World Wide Web.

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