The developing wizards (not literally, they tend to favour keyboards over magic wands) at Orchid Box have once again struck gold in the eternal search for the best online advertising.

Our new flash action script ads are now active and ready to spread about  the world wide web to promote our Page Rank Crawler (for link see below), and if you want something similar, all you have to do is get in touch with us. The wide experience of our developers mean we have ideas and designs for all eventualities, and our action script ads are the cream of the crop when it comes to both looks and technology.

You have different options of course - you could try the simple image ads like the one below:


Image Ads Orchid Box

You can try banner ads, though those are a bit wide to fully display on our blog!

Or you can try the exciting action script flash ads, which show an animation before diplaying an input box to send the user straight to your product or site. Check out this one for an example:


Image ads bring a new realm of professionalism and invitation to online marketing – a advertising facade for your site that Google text ads simply can’t offer. If they look good and the advertised product or site is good enough, the returns are quite likely to be considerably higher than the text adverts too. They can be clear and to the point, or showcasing your offers and services; you might want it quick to display an input box to send them to your site, or you might want the ad to grab their attention for the animation's duration before they are invited to click on to your site. Even if they don't click (which if they don't, it doesn't cost you a dime) it is a great way to increase visibility and both subliminally and visually increase the presence of your brand name online. Place them in the right targeted areas and you can target that specific market you are looking for.

It’s all about the design and simplicity – by giving the ads a classy feel and a swift input box for instant results, we would hope browsers of the web will be invited to try the Orchid Box Crawler out, and why not? It’s free and easy as pie to use. Type your website into the input box of the ads and you will instantly be sent to a report page where after a short time you’ll know some vital statistics and the SEO health status of your site and many of its pages.

So if you feel that image ads are an ideal way to promote your brand name or product online, get in touch and find out what Orchid Box can do for you!