2010 SEO Trends


Another year (in fact, another decade….ouch), and another inevitable pile of 2010 lists in all facets of business, entertainment, and life in general. So at Orchid Box we thought we do something different. Then we changed our minds. Cue the fanfares…


Welcome to Orchid Box’s Hot SEO Tips for 2010!

In the constantly evolving world of Search Engine Optimisation predictions are made every week for the next exciting development to follow. Much as the predictions for the next “Pele” or the next “Beatles” are made every year, a great number of these end up thrown in the bin within a few months, but it’s vital to have an idea of at least the potential areas of growth to keep your competitors a step behind. If you get ahead of the game for one big SEO trend you can boost your business impressively within weeks. Here’s just a few predictions for the coming year…


SEO Tips for 2010 - Increased SEO Budgets

This is a guarantee for the next year – companies will begin taking internet marketing and SEO a lot more seriously as they see the effect it has on business online fir their competitors - increasing budgets and departments dealing with SEO and online marketing. Get ahead of the game and you could dominate your markets. This doesn’t just apply for larger companies either – small specialised blog and website packages for one-off optimisation are going to be widely available and cheaply too. Get in touch with Orchid Box to find out what we can do for your website – large or small...or even people!

SEO Tips for 2010 -  Search Engine Musical Chairs

Inevitably, Google is going to rule the market but we’ll see a bit of a shift over the next few months in terms of percentages. Possibly, and hopefully too for many, Bing will begin taking a bigger share of the market, even in the UK. Bing and Yahoo searches are merging together to form a super unit which will most likely see Bing take at least a 20% of the US market…whether the UK follows suit remains to be seen. We’ll also no doubt see a few extra little engines with new ideas spring up in the same way that Kosmix and co did in 2009 – and no doubt we’ll see them disappear again within a few months…not that we’re cynical or anything.

SEO Tips for 2010 – Google Domination Continues…and Spreads

Here’s an easy prediction – Google will dominate internet search engine developments, remaining at the forefront of technological innovation and increasingly monopolising the search engine world. Changes we’ll see taking hold include the rise of Google Commerce Search, ensuring all online shops have to meet Google’s demands in terms of organising and categorising their searches. We also predict the shortening of user journeys and Google begins monopolising the information market – US users are already seeing their Google boxes bringing up weather results in antipation of your queries, meaning you don’t even have to click enter; in the UK we can find country capitals and stock information immediately without entering another website. So Google will increasingly decrease traffic to information sites by making users’ lives easier, good thing or bad it’s up to you…

And on a side-note, their real-time search is a little while off being effective for now, expect to see that take a back seat shortly.

SEO Tips for 2010 – Google Maps

One good area of Google’s growth worth exploiting for all businesses is Google Maps. Local searches have always been a big part of the web – town names, countries and street names alongside a service or company name – and Google Maps is a great way to top search results without having to labour through years of SEO or high PPC cost. It still requires SEO expertise, but is an area that has not been taken over by the big guns just yet.

SEO Tips for 2010 – Conversion Rate/ROI Optimisation

Finally, a big area of development over the next year in terms of SEO is conversion rate optimisation – that is to say giving sites increasingly accurate and detailed measurable data for sales, conversions and other such metrics, so clients can push budgets into profitable areas of their site and make changes in others to measure differences in conversions. Orchid Box are already at the forefront of such changes and developments, and are working on specialised technology in terms of website optimisation and testing amongst other things. In both PPC and SEO these data metrics will be vital going into 2010 to ensure you spend to accumulate successfully in the online world!

So there we have it: a 2010 list. I’m sorry. But heed our seer-like visions and take advantage of new technologies going into 2010; get in touch with Orchid Box and we’ll help you use SEO to maximise those online profits.