Thursday evening was time to for everyone here at Orchid Box to put our feet up and relax, have a few drinks and a good chat…not necessarily about SEO and PPC. We invited our clients from Bookarmy and Gurgle, as well as the Orchid Box crew and a few friends and web contacts, to come have a drink on us; an offer they seemed more than happy to take us up on!

orchid box party

So we all headed to Alphabet in the trendiest end of Soho and packed the bar with SEO and web professionals from around London. It was a great chance for everyone to get to know each other a bit better and to meet various contacts from the web world. The creative juices flowing from the plethora of great minds were simply unstoppable! 

It pros hard at work
IT Professionals hard at work!

Amongst the goodies on the menu for discussion was Orchid Box’s new iPhone project, a mission currently shrouded in secrecy, but encouraging ideas and some ingenious suggestions were flowing from the great minds present.

The use of exclamation marks and semi-colons were also under scrutiny. Do we use them properly? The bookarmy crew were there to inform us what ‘properly’ entails…and how not to overuse exclamation marks (impossible in a blog post as exciting as this one!). We're thinking purehairstyle might need a bit of work with that...

bookarmy, gurgle and orchid box
Does this caption need an exclamation mark? The punctuation debate came to a full stop.

An argument raged (well, it was debated anyway...) over Twitter. Is it an essential SEO tool, spamming device or simply an overblown playground for reclusive and egocentric narcissists? The conclusion was a bit of all three - but most importantly the former...Orchid Box continues to exploit this fact and our followers grow by the day - we're now on our way to 300!

bookarmy, gurgle and orchid box

And possibly the biggest question on everyone's lips was: what was the magic card that paid for all of our drinks?

We never worked that one out…