When I first heard the term "credit crunch" I assumed it was some new Kelloggs product I should have with my brekky. But as it became more and more real it was clear that it shouldn't really be enjoyed at all, let along in a bowl with milk.

But have no fear ladies and gents, it’s not all doom and gloom for the economy in this time of recession, indeed the SEO world has actually seen a great boost in business since the economic problems as companies increasingly look to their online presence as a good way to spread their name. The web is a huge marketing resource in 2009, and it marketing can be done at an adaptable and vitally, an economical, rate enabling a site’s name to be spread around millions of users in just a few months. Here are just five short reasons why SEO is a must during the “credit crunch”:

1/ An online presence is essential in today’s commercial world

You could be a flower shop down a side street or a local plumber but without a website or online presence you are missing out on a massive boost to your revenue. A small website optimised for SEO long tail keywords or minor PPC campaign can bring potential customers to light and give them your contact details without you lifting so much of a lazy finger. Once the site is sorted and the details are online you can sit back and watch the SEO take effect!

2/ SEO can be DIY

If you have the time and the patience, the basics of SEO can be done yourself, at least on a small scale. Get your thinking cap on and a few simple Google searches (or of course the venerable Orchid Box Blog you are reading now!) can give you some great tips for boosting your site’s onsite SEO – that is to say the state of your metadata, site structure and various other minor aspects. Remember, if you build a good site structure starting with your homepage, your PageRank will boost itself. Even if you can’t do it yourself and have to turn to SEO companies like ourselves, you’ll probably be surprised at how cheap it is for what is usually an excellent return.

3/ PPC - cheap and adaptable

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a great way to get people clicking through to your site, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you are an e-commerce shop PPC is a must – you can get a headstart on the competition and if you have some great deals, you can also get an excellent return on your investments. The beauty of the nature of paid advertising is that you can stop and start it to your own needs, adapt bids and geographical focus amongst many other things. Check out our PPC services and see if you should be looking at dipping your toe in the water.

4/  Exploit the net as a global entity! It's not going to go extinct like Tuna!

The internet is a way to spread your business around the globe. Who’s to say if your offers or services are very good that you shouldn’t be getting business from across the pond or over in the outer reaches of Mongolia? If it’s profitable then it’s worth looking at.

5/ Target your audience and hand pick your customers

Final point, and another important one. By carefully researching what keywords you should be targeting you can work out what search terms best meet your optimum customers and therefore optimise your returns on any investments. PPC is all about targeting, but SEO can be too – link building in the right areas and choosing long tail keywords that meet the wants and needs of your potential customers can be invaluable in boosting your business. Explore the options, change things about and find your optimum.



So utilise the SEO world to bring the best out of your business, big or small, and you can beat the credit crunch. Get in touch with Orchid Box or have a read of our blogs and take advantage. Good luck!