Second level domain names in the UK and SEOSome of our clients have asked us to advise them on domain names. There are quite a few second level domain names in the UK.

The easiest choice is to get a, but sometimes you might be able to get very powerful domain extensions. If you don't try you will never win :)

Second-level domains

• - academic (tertiary education and research establishments) and learned societies
• - general use (usually commercial)
• - government (central and local)
• - limited companies
• - general use (usually personal)
• - Ministry of Defence and HM Forces public sites
• - ISPs and network companies
• - National Health Service institutions
• - network use only (Nominet UK)
• - general use (usually for non-profit organisations)
• - parliament (MPs, etc, and also the Scottish Parliament)
• - public limited companies
• - police forces[3]
• - local education authorities, schools, primary and secondary education, community education

The most powerful are:,, and