Our paid search team is dedicated to building and nurturing innovative advertising campaigns that drive high engagement while delivering great return on investment across desktop, tablet and mobile. Our focus, passion and success have led us to becoming an Official Google Partner, giving us exclusive insight on industry trends and unlimited support from our own dedicated account manager.

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Personalised PPC management

Looking to take your first steps into PPC marketing? We understand that PPC campaign management can be a nightmare to the untrained hand - a plethora of groups, keywords and statistics to follow and keep track of as well as valuable time spent finding your perfect audience.

We have over 10 years’ experience in PPC management working across a variety of sectors for businesses large and small and through a combination of attention to detail, data analysis and bidding automation, we can ensure your PPC campaigns reach your business goals as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Our paid search service

Campaign building

As a fully certified agency we can guide you through the world of paid search, helping you to construct PPC campaigns that deliver great return on investment, whilst gaining great visibility in front of your target audience.

All of our PPC campaigns are tailored to you and your business and because all our team have development experience we can build bespoke scripts that automate your accounts bids based on external factors such as weather, temperature or even stock count.

Campaign Audits

Have a campaign that’s performing badly? Is PPC not working for you? We can help. We can audit your entire PPC account from keywords to campaigns and conduct industry and competitor analysis so that you can see exactly what’s wrong and why.

We can also provide and implement actionable recommendations that will help cut costs and increase account performance instantly.

Keyword research

Keywords are an essential factor in the success of any PPC campaign, so identifying which search terms will work for your business is a crucial step to positive performance for accounts new and old.

We can conduct in depth keyword research, analyse your competitors and interview relevant stakeholders to build a collection of profitable keywords - filtering out unwanted traffic, so you can see instant results.

Bespoke landing pages

Landing pages are the make or break of your sales path and when done badly, they can easily run up high costs and high bounce rates, resulting in low engagement and wasted budget with minimal returns.

We craft beautiful and effective landing pages that instil trust and invoke engagement, tailored to your audience and business objectives with the aim of driving down costs, creating great user experiences. and increasing leads or sales.

Testing and tracking

We test multiple versions of ads and even landing pages to discover what works best for your audience. Once we’ve got it right, we test and test again in a process of continuous optimisation.

We install the latest tracking technologies such as conversion tracking, click maps and phone call tracking on your site to see exactly how your audience are behaving when they reach you, as well as identifying which campaigns and keywords are the most profitable.

Meaningful reporting

We work closely with you to construct key performance indicators that align with your business objectives right from the start.

We study the data with a fine tooth comb, allowing us to make intelligent data driven decisions that work solely towards your goals.

We provide easy to understand reporting that gives context and clear understanding to the vast amounts of data and numbers in your PPC account.

Google Partner Agency

As an official Google Partner we have unlimited access to our own dedicated PPC manager, who along with our fully certified AdWords professionals are there to help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

orchid box google partner

As a partner agency, we also have direct access to historical and future search trends across all countries, sectors and devices, helping us to create highly targeted campaigns right from the get go.

We can also provide an AdWords voucher to use on your account giving you up to £120 of PPC spend.
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