Broken Links Checker


The Broken Link Checker Tool from Orchid Box is a brand new desktop windows application which crawls through your site to find and identify broken or dead links that might be damaging your site performance.

Unlike other online services our tool won't time out and has no limit to the number of pages you can check. It also is the only broken link tool which gives you the anchor text of the link as well so you identify and fix the broken links quickly and easily without the hassle.

Our tool will even check your 301 and 302 redirection URLs for you to ensure your site navigation is running as smoothly as possible. And what's more, it's absolutely free - just click the download button below!


Broken Links checker


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Broken Link checker

Unlimited Number of Pages tick
Crawls Images, Text and Content tick
Google Sitemap Checker tick
CSV Export tick
Detects and Reports Redirected URLs tick

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