Orchid Box is an experienced web development agency dedicated to creating robust and inspiring websites and web applications. From the start, our aim has been to provide simple, end-user-driven solutions for a sensible, fixed price which usually include affordable web hosting and website maintenance.

We are a Central London based company with great user experience and search engine optimisation at the heart of what we do. When we design a website, we simplify navigation and structure to make it as easy as possible for users to buy, so we can reduce the percentage of abandoned baskets.

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A site should look great and work well - which is why you'll find bespoke web development services alongside our creative website design. Here are some of our latest projects.



E-commerce Development

We build bespoke, effective and responsive Shopify e-commerce websites for any retailer. We can get your store up and running in no time and provide marketing services to help you with your advertising, content production and social media.

Wordpress Agency

We cover all aspects of WordPress websites: SEO, Theme Design, Planning, Production, Delivery and post-launch support. Our talented wordpress team of designers and developers have worked on Consultancy, Customization and E-commerce.

landing pages for PPC

We can build specialised landing pages for your advertising and online marketing campaigns helping you to really boost conversions and ROI. As an Official Google Partner we can build landing pages as marketers that will dramatically improve leads / sign ups.

Scraping and Data Mining

If you need to collect publicly available data, our scraping framework can help you to collect, sort and store data from third party sources without having access to an API.

We have built tools to data mine Google, Bing and other search engines.

A typical customer will use web scraping for:

  • Price comparison with competing businesses / PPC bid adjustments
  • Grab a list of addresses and phone numbers
  • For SEO projects like: backlink profiles checks / competitors insights
  • Bulk multinational keyword tracking and research
  • Why Orchid Box?

    • Free initial consultation
    • All of our websites are optimised for SEO
    • In-house team of professional wed developers and designers
    • Fully responsive design to cover all screens and devices
    • Prices and time lines tailored to your requirements
    • Bespoke web solutions
    • We have built over 100 websites
    • Post launch marketing support
    • Rebranding to increase engagement

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