A Great PPC Trick – Using Budgeting to Your Benefit

by | Sep 24, 2018 | PPC

Budgeting within PPC accounts can be a nightmare. Thousands of keywords, adgroups, campaigns and stacks more data to collate, analyse and act upon – you can’t leave it a minute without worrying you’re overspending.

But fear not, budgeting can also be played to your (significant) advantage! We’ve recently come across a trick that we’re working on testing further but seems to work with high-clicklow CPCcampaigns in terms of getting increasingly cheaper and numerous clicks.

Got a campaign that is driving lots of traffic to your site and a reasonable CPC? We had one for one of our clients that was doing exactly that, and we found a great way to improve it’s performance. All you need do is up your CPC a small amount, and leave it for a couple of days to gain a bit of traffic – and then lower it again to the original rate. Look what happened for us:

KeyPPC Trick No. 1


Having upped the CPC rate we saw a sharp increase in traffic, and then after a few days we dropped the cost again only to see traffic continue at its old rate but with a cheaper CPC! We’re currently testing this trick across a number of sites, and almost like revving up an engine it seems to work well!

In conjunction with our fantastic new PPC keyword bid management tool tricks like this can work like a dream!

Anyone got any more great PPC tips and tricks to share? They don’t have to all be secret you know…

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