AFNIC Has Launched IDN Registrations

by | Sep 25, 2018 | News

We are pleased to know that AFNIC has launched IDN registrations, allowing people and entities to register domain names with characters such as é, ç, ê, or the German ß.

If you own a domain name registered under one of the following extensions .fr, .yt, .pm, .wf, .tf, and/or .re, you have priority to file the “IDN” variants of that domain in the same extension.

Example: if you were the owner of the domain, you could register élysé

Please not that “Priority Registration” period is until July 03, 2012, so if you wish to apply for an IDN domain name, go to our favourite register and get in before anyone else.

Companies will have to think fast and act upon it the moment it’s out in the open. The early movers will have to strategize and plan their domain name localization initiative.

Companies who are agile in adopting local domain names will reap the rewards primarily in addressing local target audience and also win the search war when the localization of search heats up.

If you have got any questions on which domains to register for SEO, get in touch.

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