After Libya, They Bombard Wikipedia. Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who Watches the Watchmen?

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Content

A flurry of new, fresh and full of spring aromas is lingering in the atmosphere. Started from the north African lands spreading all over the planet. A gust of freedom, a revolutionary blast which is palling the Western “ democratic tyranny “.

Yes, I’m talking about those countries which claim themselves of being the admirable model of “ a real and loyal republic in which the need of each citizen is the priority and above all the freedom speech is a holy and untouchable right ! “ and craps like that. It’s happening in UK, France, U.S.A. and even in the majestic and sage cradle of the European civilization ( Italy ), people are exhausted of being manipulated by junky and fascist media, vulgar and corrupted oligarchs which have been doping the mass with “ digital opium “  in order to keep them meek and tame while they are watching hypnotized the Big brother or Xfactor.

Yes my dears, while 90% of the population is shackled on the sofa with invisible chains, with a beer in hand and the “ zapper wand “ in the other, the society is quickly sliding down into the marsh of ignorance, and only few people are awake and fully conscious. Because now, even Internet, the last pillar of loyal and genuine truth, the emblem of the freedom speech has to barricade its self to fight the last epic war to protect his most important and splendidly gem: the liberty. Why do I sound so pessimistic and catastrophic? Simple, because the Italian government is launching a new “ fancy “ reform that is going to change radically the independence of Wikipedia and all the “ subversive “  or , to use the words of our venerable and candid Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi: “ those communist blogger/journalists “ .  If you read the abstruse and arcane definition of this reform that is being proposed by the Italian parliament, you will not understand anything ( except if you have a double PHD from Harvard or Oxford University ), but let’s say that you are able to decoder the encrypt message, well get ready for a terrifying sensation that will furiously invade your body. Those elegant and sophisticated gentlemen have found the way to eclipse the light of the Internet Sun, with the most infamous and mean method: the menace.

In fact, if this reform will be accepted, a chubby and touchy business man will be able to threater a blogger, Wikipedia or any other source of news, with the knife of lawsuit or the bullets of the libel action gun. Of course not each peasant or humble worker would be able to do this, you need to be a prosperous citizen that can afford to hire a warrior team of lawyers to obscure the news that could boycott your “ genuine “ business.

Hence folks, be ready for this new dark era, they conquest Lybia now is the time for Wikipedia.

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