April 2012 – SEO Update

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Local Search Listings Come Up Trumps

According to a recent study conducted local search listings provide the most relevant search results irrespective of medium.

The study, conducted by comScore, entailed that local search listings now serve as an online business entity identities retrieving in important information such as website URL, reviews and photos.

Facebook’s IPO Delayed

Facebook’s planned initial public offering (IPO) has been pulled back following a series of high profile deals.

Anonymous sources claiming to be close to the company, have informed CNBC that Facebook is changing its intended date for the IPO from early to mid-May to as late as mid-June.

Google Launches Google Drive

Google Drive, a transformation of Google Docs will be available from today onwards, and comes as a direct competitor to Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. The platform allows users to share documents with others.

Keyword Quality Score Indicators Added to Google AdWords

A feature in Google AdWords has now been activated, allowing users to determine keyword quality scores with greater ease.

Three new keyword quality score indicators have been added.

Google Move to Combat ‘Bad Ads’

Google have moved to fight back against ‘bad ads’ by reviewing websites, ads and advertiser accounts.

This move follows the scrutiny faced by Google from lawyers over their human trafficking ads policy.

Web Spam Targeted in New Google Search Algorithm Update

The move, announced yesterday by Google engineer Matt Cutts, will look to eliminate keyword stuffing and link schemes.

By tackling aggressive web spam tactics, Google are placing a greater degree of recognition over quality web results, which is very positive.

Location Rules Mobile Ad Expenditure

Location targeted advertisements now represent just under half of mobile ad expenditure.

In addition the overall mobile ad market is expected to grow from just over £1 billion, to just under £5 billion.

Google Sell 3D Modelling Tool and Team ‘SketchUp’ to GPS Provider Trimble

SketchUp saw 30 million activations last year, an impressive figure that Trimble will no doubt be looking to increase further.

FCC Blamed for Street View Investigation Delays

The Federal Communications Commission have been blamed by Google for the delays that saw the Street View Wi-fi data grab investigation slowed down and Google subsequently fined $25000.

The government agency has been blamed for deliberately slowing down the 17-month investigation.

Google Abandoning Nine Products

The following nine Google products will be getting the axe: Google Related, One Pass, Google Talk Mobile App, Picasa for Linux, Google Sync for BlackBerry, Picasa Web Albums Uploader, Google Flu Vaccine Finder, and API’s.

Google Declare More Changes to AdWords

Google have announced that the rotate setting for AdWords will change starting from next week. Ad rotation will be limited to thirty days, after which the ads that receive the most clicks will be optimized.

Google Expand History in Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries will be amended to show up to 90 days of historical data. The previous extent of historical data was only 35 days.

Argentina and South Korean Google Investigation Revealed

Google have revealed two ongoing international government probes into their company.

The multi-billion pound company is currently under investigation by South Korea and Argentina, in relation to its search and advertising businesses.

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