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Reddit cost-per-click ads.

[ Updated May 9, 2024 ]

Reddit officially announced on the 30th of January 2019 that it is introducing CPC (cost-per-click) advertising, this will be the platform’s first performance-driven ad unit.

Reddit announcement on Cost-Per-Click :

“While cost-per-click advertising isn’t innovative, in itself, the launch marks a big moment for the Reddit Ads business. This is a point of inflection that helps get us to parity in the market and will change the way advertisers think about our capabilities”
-Reddit VP of brand partnerships Zubair Jandali

Reddit has been beta testing CPC for the past few months having partnered with just over 50 advertisers such as; Wayfair, Hired and Kabam. Most advertisers saw an improvement in return of advertising spend with some achieving up to 50%. That is just the start as Reddit is clearly aiming to lure in more brands with their new Ad product. Reddit now offers 4 different campaign objectives – reach, video view, traffic, and conversions – associated with CPM, CPV, and CPC bids. They say enhancements to ad targeting, reporting and campaign management tools are coming soon.

Hired growth marketing manager Chase Gladden said, “As a direct-response marketer, this new bid option provided the opportunity to mitigate the risk of buying on solely viewable metrics to one better tied to an offsite conversion. This led to a decrease of over 50 percent in CPC and an overall improvement in the quality of traffic down-funnel.”

How to create Reddit cost-per-click Ad: 

Step One:

Firstly, you will need to join Reddit, by creating an account.

Step two:

Create your Reddit username.

Step three:

You are free to post, but this will not grant you permission to create a cost-per-click ad.

Step four:

Proceed to: https://www.redditforbusiness.com/

Step five:

This is the start of your Reddit cost-per-click ad experience.

Step six:

Create your business advertising page for your Reddit cost-per-click ads

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