New SEO App, iRank, Launched on the Google Play App Market

by | Sep 25, 2018 | News

Orchid Box are proud to announce the release of our first Android app, iRank.

This application, which also works on Android phone and tablet, is the first Keyword Tracking app on the Android Market (which is now called Google Play). Best of all? It’s on offer at half the original price – £4.

iRank is the first keyword tracking app on the Android market (it’s available in Google Play). It’s a revolutionary new tool that enables you to follow your search engine ranking day on day, week on week.

Now you can track your SEO progress with absolute ease via a quick and simple install.

* Monitor keyword rankings day on day

* Follow progress with easy to read graphs

* Track 10 keywords of your choice

*Access  3 months historical data

iRank allows you to add an infinite amount of domains and keywords of your choice and follow all those keywords’ rankings in Google over time. The app gathers search engine result data for your chosen keywords and follows their Google rankings, plotting a useful visual overview of your progress.

With this data you can then plot your SEO strategy more effectively, and suddenly those long boring journeys on the train become a lot more useful!

Set-up is incredibly easy, just add your chosen domain and then your desired keywords and iRank will do the hard work for you. It’s the only keyword ranking app of its kind that will give you a good knowledge of your marketing strategy on the internet.

Download iRank here

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