Orchid Box a Truly International SEO Company

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Content

 This week in February 2014, we have expanded our European team with the addition of Marion, Anita, Ayoub and Amanda. Orchid Box is now a truly multinational company with over 7 major European languages spoken in the London office.

International SEO is fast becoming our main strength and by using talented multilingual copywriters and our bespoke outreach technology, we are one of the few UK agencies  able to deliver 500 articles a month in over 15 languages across the world. Our culture of constant learning / self-improvement is an integral part of what we do here at Orchid Box and it has  beenproven to work exceptionally well in the last year. Our continual staff feedback on our home-grown technology is an essential part of our workflow to optimise their daily tasks and the quality of work that gets delivered.

We have asked Marion, Anita, Ayoub and Amanda to write a quick bio about themselves and why they have decided to join our growing European team.

Anita Worbe

I come from Lyon, home of all the great French food!  I really love my  city because, unlike Paris, you seldom feel stressed. You have your  active working schedule, but on the other hand, you have all the  benefits of living in a large and vibrant city, perfect for students!

 This isn’t my first time in London or the UK,  I spent the last six months  further developing my skills at Coventry University as part of my Bachelor of Management studies.

In my spare time, I love meeting up with friends, travelling and submersing myself in new environments. I am a bit of a Social Media fanatic and Orchid Box’s high involvement in the ever-changing world of SEO allows me to discover more about technology and marketing.

Marion Malherbe-Manchia

 I was born in Paris but I live Sanary sur Mer, a little city close to the  sea. It is small but very nice and it’s always sunny. I have completed  my Bachelor degree in Commerce and Management in Kedge  Business School situated in Marseille, in the South of France.

 I am very social; I enjoy meeting my friends, going to cinema,  travelling. I find London less stressful than other large cities  because you have all the benefits of a large international city   with   amazing opportunities to work.

I am currently working for the Orchid Box international outreach team and I look after content production and webmaster liaison. I am planning to expand my role in the next few months learning more about the technical side of Search Engine Optimization. Orchid Box is expanding and ever evolving and I am excited to be part of it.

Ayoub Amanchar

 I was born in the city with the largest bike routes in the world;  Amsterdam and I have roots all the way from Morocco; the country  with the famous Tajine! During the summer I try to spend a part of  my holiday in Morocco. In Amsterdam I studied Marketing and  Economics and I am actively pursuing a minor degree in online  marketing.

I am very social, love to travel, play sport and meet new people. I find London a great place where you can develop your skills and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city at the same time. It has a lot of different restaurants, where you can enjoy various kinds of food from all over the world. I also enjoy exploring the magnificent buildings across the city.

I work for the outreach team hunting down websites who are highly relevant for our customers through SEO practices. I will be working to develop my skills to a higher level and trying to find out more about website development as well as the technical side of SEO.

Orchid Box is expanding and I’m glad to be part of it.I am excited to gain new skills that will develop my portfolio further.


 I am a California native from Los Angeles. I am a fourth year student  at California State University, Long Beach. Long Beach is located  west of LA along the California coast. The city is best known for its  diversity, beaches, and great weather. I am working towards    earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Business with an emphasis in  Marketing. I am currently studying at the University of London for the  2014 Spring semester as part of a study abroad program. Some of my interests include baking, hiking, coffee, going to the beach, trying new restaurants, and traveling. This is my first trip outside of the U.S., which is quite exciting for me. During my stay in London, I hope to explore as much of the city as possible, try many new restaurants and cafes, and take many weekend trips throughout Europe.
I came to Orchid Box as intern in order to gain real world experience in the marketing field. I hope to learn more about online marketing and SEO through my internship at Orchid Box. I felt that an internship abroad would not only teach me about marketing, but also how to efficiently conduct business internationally. Orchid Box felt like a great fit for me because the company incorporates both marketing as well as international business.

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