Perfect Landing Pages Tips And Technology

by | Sep 20, 2018 | PPC, SEO

Effective landing pages are the key to converting customers through paid search. There is little point in spending money attracting people to your site if your pages aren’t doing their job properly.

If visitors to your landing pages have clicked through from your ad, they will have a specific goal in mind, so you need to convince them that your landing page is relevant to that goal.


Landing pages should be tested frequently to see if improvements can be made to increase conversion rates. The only way to be sure of what works for your audience and your market is to conduct structured tests such as usability studies, A/B testing or multivariate testing. The right web analytics tool is crucial.


At Orchid Box, we use proprietary technology to target and optimize landing pages without any time consuming Client’s technical intervention.


We wanted to increase conversions (user Registrations) and PPC quality score, therefore we needed a perfect Landing page all optimized for best selling authors.

Who are the bestselling authors of all time

So what we did was . . .

1. Kept the landing page relevant to the keywords you’re buying and the ad copy.

2. Removed the right hand navigation and replaced it with relevant news feeds.

3. Kept the rest of the navigation the same.

4. Increased the number of images on the page

5. Hyperlinked all authors name to actual pages on the site.

This page now has 5 times more conversion than any other landing page on the site.

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