Phone Tracking – Cover All Your Statistical Bases By Tracking Your Phone Calls

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Tools

So you’ve established your shiny new website, set up amazing SEO tricks of the trade, got Google Analytics tracking users’ every moves…you’ve even know which keywords are bringing enquiries and emails through. You’ve got all the bases covered right?


That big attractive “call us” button at the top with a great call to action is a bit of an anomaly to your tracking – there’s no click through for users, all they have to do is read what the number is and phone it. These phone calls could be useless to you, or they could be sales coming through that aren’t being measured into the website’s effects. Orchid Box have just the solution for you.

Our brand new phone tracking system allows our clients and customers to set up a number of specialised phone numbers that can display either in different areas of the site, or indeed when a user comes through to the site from a specific keyword. All these numbers will forward users on to the same number, but will also retain that essential tracking data that lets you know which areas of your online business are bringing those enquiries.

And if that isn’t enough for you, there’s several additional features that makes this the best call tracking option online.

  • By asking your call centre to record which calls lead to direct sales, you can have a fully measurable conversion rate to compare to other areas of online marketing.
  • We can measure geographical data – so you know where these calls are coming from in the world.
  • You can track missed calls, so you know if whoever is answering the phones is having a nap or indeed if you could be missing many potential sales on a Sunday when no-one is in.
  • You can even record the calls for training purposes, ensuring you build the best phone sales team with the best conversion rates around.

So contact us today to find out more about our great phone tracking systems and you could be boosting those phone sales quicker than the speaking clock will actually tell you the time!

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