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by | Sep 21, 2018 | PPC

UK PPC London Compare the Meerkat

As a prominent London PPC agency, we like to keep up to date with the latest UK PPC technology and developments so we can remain in front of the competition.

A great UK Pay Per Click story arose in the news the other day which might have surprised a few outside of the paid click advertising but not us at Orchid Box. It is proof of the way you can use our London PPC Agency to gain a headstart in the Google search world, no matter how well ranked your site is organically.

The story of Compare the Market/Compare the Meerkat’s advertising campaign with Aleksandr Orlov has been one of great success and proof of the very best viral marketing success. The TV adverts starring the annoying but memorable meerkat will no doubt have played on your mind over the last weeks, and no doubt you may well have had a go on the Compare the Meerkat site just to find out more.

You wouldn’t be the only one – in fact aside from the “star” of the adverts Aleksandr Orlov becoming a star on Twitter and PPC with more fans than Cheryl Cole and Lily Allen, the Compare the Meerkat site gains more traffic than the actual Compare the Market site!

But one intrepid PPC agency from the UK in charge of another comparison site’s PPC campaigns have taken advantage of this increase in searches to gain extra traffic themselves. In fact, search for “compare the meerkat” and you will see several adverts from rival companies at the top of your sponsored links, even ahead of Compare the Market’s. No doubt they will gain good traffic off the clicks too.

This is testament to how London PPC can give you the boost you need in terms of searches even if you don’t have the organic performance in the first place. This is especially useful for new sites, even if you aren’t an ecommerce site, a carefully budgeted UK PPC campaign can bring good value traffic to your site – especially useful if you have adverts running on your own pages. So get in touch with Orchid Box now and find out what we can do for you in terms of paid advertising.

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