Second Google Page Rank Update of 2011

by | Sep 25, 2018 | News

In 2011 there has been two Page Rank updates the first was sent in January 2011 and the second was sent during the last week of June. You can check your website page rank either using a browser or via some website. We have listed below some useful sites:

If you need information on what Google Page Rank can be found here;

Google seems to be reducing the frequency with which it updates Page Rank (PR), prior to 2011 Page Rank updates were seen as a quarterly event, before this Page Rank updates were made monthly. Until 3 years ago, PR was really important for SEO, now it is just one of the factors that can influence rankings.

We’ve published Page Rank for Orchid Box and associated sites.

Orchid Box Properties:

Orchid Box ( = 5 (up from 3)

Secret Salons ( = 3 (up from 2)

US Secret Salons ( = 3 (up from 0)

Consigliami Dove ( = 2 (up from 1)

Lawyer Reviews ( = 1 (up from 0)

Compare Property Prices ( = 2 (up from 1)

If you are interested in advertising on any of the above sites or see if you wanted to ask if we could build something for your business please get in touch.

UPDATE: We noticed that there has been a change to Google’s recent PR update, although Google has officially declared that Page Rank “is not the be-all and end-all of ranking” factors, its worth noting, that the amendment to the recent PR update may have been due Google being too generous in its PR offering. A few of the above mentioned sites have seen PR changes.

Orchid Box ( = PR had gone up to 5 (from 3) Now back to 3

Secret Salons ( = PR had gone up to 3 (from 2) Now back to 2

US Secret Salons ( = PR had gone up to 3 (from 0) Now back to 0

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