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We deliver strategic social solutions to our clients by combining creative content, machine learning and in-depth analytics to drive positive ROI.

Our Social Media Advertising Services

From creating a bespoke strategy and hyper-targeting your specific audiences to relentless ad optimisation and in-depth reporting, we have it covered.



Whether you are looking to drive footfall into your shop, boost brand awareness with video views or maximise downloads of your app, Orchidbox are here to help. Your social media ad campaigns can be set up to ensure you gain the maximum impact for minimum returns for your specific target.



We summarise everything you plan on achieving on social media. The more specific a strategy is, the more effective the execution will be. We offer a suite of social media reporting and benchmarking services that let you track your social program against important KPIs (key performance indicators).

Audience testing & optimisation

Our dedicated social media marketing team take an active approach in managing your ad campaigns. Each day we analyse ad performance and adapt them to optimise performance. This flexibility allows us to make the most out of your budget and maximise KPI’s.


Monitoring & Benchmarking Analysis

Our diverse suite of social media performance tracking tools allows us to assess and optimise social media Ad performance. Making use of tools such as Ad reporting and AppsFlyer we are able to gain meaningful results from the performance and benchmark our success against industry standards.



We provide a range of reporting services as regularly as you require. Our certified experts are on hand to collect, analyse and present the raw data to ensure it is easy to understand and utilise, saving you precious time. Our skills and experience allow us to drill down into the data to discover the potential causes behind the results.


Paid amplification (Cost-Per-Click)

Paid social media ads remain a staple when it comes to modern advertising. Large amounts of data and a big learning machine allows us to find, target and reach your audience with ease. Each platform facilitates the goals of your business, whether its brand awareness, lead generation or app installs.

Our Platforms


Use our expertise to make the most of your budget on whichever platform suits your business best. Get instant access to billions of users with a direct interest in what you have to offer. Our social channel managers keep up with day – to – day activities, ensuring your campaigns are thriving.

Twitter Ad Management

Twitter gives us the opportunity to target ads towards specific groups of people, who are interested in the exact target keywords your business associates with. This allows your ads to be shown to your target audience with a high degree of precision. Twitter Advertisements are Ideal for news releases, product launches or profile-boosting.

Facebook Ad Campaign Management

Facebook still reigns king when it comes to social media advertising. With over 2.3 billion active monthly users there is a huge potential market for you to tap into large audiences for optimal ROI. We have run hundreds of Facebook ad campaigns over the years, with precise targeting we are always able to deliver on our targets.


For our B2B clients, Linkedin is a great solution. It gives an opportunity to advertise on a professional platform, with a large audience of employees, business owners, students and teachers. You are able to target a specific audience based on metrics from company size and industry to an individuals role by filtering through a multitude of options that LinkedIn provides.


Reddit Paid Advertising

As of January 2019, Reddit are now offering a CPC ad service. It looks set to take off and our experts are on hand to deliver your ads to a whole new audience. The segmentation of the platform into “subreddits” allows the targeting of groups with very specific interests for optimal results.


Instagram continues to be one of the fastest growing social media platforms gaining 200 million new users in 2018. Instagram’s younger audience makes it a great place for advertisers to launch campaigns selling new mobile apps or B2C products targeted at this younger demographic.


To make the most out of your budget we can provide a multichannel approach to ensure your ads are seen by the most important users. By performing multiple iterations we can optimise your ads across all of the channels to ensure maximum return on your investment.

Get your Business seen by billions of potential customers!

We are a Certified Facebook Marketing Partner agency with over 10 years experience in helping our clients boost brand awareness, gain thousands of new app downloads and boost profitability whilst maximising their return on investment.

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