Steve: The Man Who Created the Apple of Eden

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Content

Steve Jobs is gone, and with him all the genius of a brilliant manager. He was not only a  revolutionary businessman, he was a man who had always believed in a dream, looking forward to the obstacles and the walls that envious people had tried to build up on his existence path.

His dream was to create a better world through a clean, pure and functional technology, and he passed away with a smile drawing on his face, because today his colossal enterprise is an emperor of billions and billions of dollars. He had beaten his eternal rival Bill Gates, the “ legal digital Mafia “ , who has tried in many ways ( legal and illegal , ethic and unethical ) to boycott the Macintosh.

But Steve Jobs didn’t lose his limpid ambition, he didn’t give up even when the Microsoft was on the crest of the wave with his “ informatic emperor “ and Apple was a drop in ocean of the market.
He had something in his voice, because after each speech made by him everyone was electrified and excited; he was able to touch the heart of riches and poor people.

Steve created a tech fashion, he programmed an innovative operative system but above all he climbs the mountain where on the peak all the dreams are contained.

We will miss this great dreamer, and what is the best quote to end an article dedicated to Steve Jobs? Easy:

” Stay hungry, stay foolish “

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