Top 3 Pregnancy, Sleeping And Feeding Books For Worrying Mothers

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Online PR & Outreach

After locking ourselves away to read pregnancy books and baby books nonstop, we’ve emerged once again, newly born. Instead of speaking our first words, we’re speaking about our first pick of books. Hopefully our long process will be your bundle of joy and what satisfied our cravings will satisfy yours. And like all mothers, we’re confident that ours is the best.


1. Pregnancy: How To Enjoy It By: Gurgle

This was a breath of fresh air in our otherwise stale and dark reading room. It’s easy readability and friendly manner in which it is written, makes this book a definite number one. It’s packed full of interesting and relevant information to conquer any fears or worries, from the first few weeks of your pregnancy to birth. There are also tons of tips from mothers and experts, so it’s not just one voice you get, you have a whole community of support.

2. The Rough Guide To Pregnancy and Birth By: Kaz Cooke

Although the title sounds like a destination guide, the only place you’ll be going is the delivery room, but you’ll be going laughing your head off. This book is full of witty advice and cartoons. It has a funnier and more personal approach, which reassures you that you’re not alone.

3. The Best Friend’s Guide to Pregnancy By: Vicki Iovine

This written as if it was the advice you’d get from a friend. Again, it’s a personal touch but not everyone wants to hear about battle scars.  It goes on a lot of about the gory details so it’s perhaps more suited for experienced mothers or hearty first-timers.


1. The No-Cry Sleeping Solution By: Elizabeth Pantley

This book introduces a third theory into the tightly contested either let your baby “cry it out” or wake up every time your baby does. One point involves discovering and working with your baby’s natural sleeping rhythms, while creating your own customized plan to get your little one to sleep through the night.

2. Sleeping: Solved By: Gurgle

Not only does this book have sleeping schedules for different age groups but also a helpful troubleshooting section. The troubleshooting covers early years to toddler years with routines that will set your child up for the night. The easy to read layout is accessible even if your nerves are frayed and sleep seems like a distant dream.

3. The New Contented Little Baby Book By: Gina Ford

You may not agree with all of the methods in this book, such as waking up your sleeping baby to establish a routine, but this author has years of experience with hundreds of babies.


1. Feeding: Solved By: Gurgle

This book clearly blew the competition away. It starts out with breast feeding and ends with solid foods. In between it covers all your worries from weaning to advice on picky eaters. It has recipes like the other baby feeding books out there, but after reading so many of those other books these recipes looked good even to us.

2. Baby-led Weaning By: Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett

This book explores the idea that maybe babies don’t like mashed bananas and other purees being fed to them after all. It gives an introduction to solid foods and advice on why babies should learn to feed themselves so they can experiment and develop crucial skills.

3. Feeding Your Baby and Toddler By: Annabel Karmel

This one focuses mainly on recipes, with a little advice about weaning thrown in. The competition in this category wasn’t too fierce, as there are either books with baby recipes or baby books about feeding and weaning. Hardly any, except our number one, combine the two so effortlessly.

That’s it for now. We’ll see you in another couple of years. We’re off to review books on raising and communicating with teenagers. It might take awhile, in fact maybe so long that we miss out on the teenage years altogether . . .

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