Top 7 Tips On How To Get Better Qs And Save Time Creating Google Ads

by | Sep 20, 2018 | PPC

Orchid box’s top 7 tips on how to pay less for your pay per click ads, give your user a clear call to action and improve your quality scores.


Check out what the other guys are doing. Not only will you see what you’re up against but it might even give you ideas. If they mention a certain percentage off a purchase, then you can mention an exact number. Or you can tackle it from another angle; if they say “fast delivery” you can say “free delivery”, presuming that’s true of course. Never lie or offer things that your product or service can’t provide, there’s a reason larger websites or companies are your competition! People trust them, you have to offer something so tantalizing that your user will switch sides!


Ads with questions or other gripping information are the best. Being creative is good, however depending on the subject of the ad, it’s not always what people are looking for. Through trial and error, while working on ads for a book website, I found that some really funny and/or creative ads didn’t work whereas the more boring ones did. But then creative ads for famous authors or books worked. Perhaps this was because they were  well known and exposed, so a bit of creativity helped those ads to stand out. Whereas trying to be witty or creative with lesser known author/books just confused people. This will depend on your product or service, but if you are up against a lot of competition, creativity will definitely give you the edge.


There are certain words that google won’t let you use in your ads. For instance, “kill”, “drugs”, “attack” or any variations of those. These are perhaps understandable; however other words aren’t so obvious such as “acclaim”. So “critically acclaimed” is out as well as “the one and only”. Maybe this is a good thing, as it forces you to stay away from the usual clichés. Exclamation points also aren’t allowed and neither is the capitalization of entire words, so things like “FREE!” will have to be subsituted for whatever your creative mind can come up with. It can also be certain names like Kim or Hugh, so you have to come up with ways around it. For example, you can write “H u g h” .  Most of the time the only way to find out what not acceptable is to post the ads and just fix them when they fail. Be prepared to do a lot of revising, and that goes for every aspect of your ads and keywords.


It sounds simple, and it is, but your landing page must always be related to what your ad is about. Don’t try and send your user to somewhere they don’t want to go.  If your ad is about a certain product or service, send them directly to that page, that’s the point after all. If you send your user to your homepage, they will be confused and go somewhere else to get their information or buy their products.


Your ads must be a clear as possible. Make sure people reading your ad will understand exactly where they are going and what they expect to find there.  You must know what your user wants to do or what you want them to do, in order to have a clear call to action.  They cannot be lost or confused; they must be guided, even if you have to guide them by the hand! Don’t be afraid to be too simple or blunt.


Keywords are the backbone to your ads, they are your support. You can’t forget about them. The best thing you can do is to take actual words from your landing page and have them in the ad somewhere. Those will be your strongest keywords and improve your quality score. The more you use the keywords in your ads the more relevant your ad will become and it will get higher rankings from search engines.  On the other hand, don’t go overboard with keywords in your ads, search engines and your user won’t like that.


Overall, remember that you are talking to real people sitting in front of a computer just like you. If you don’t think your ads are interesting or compelling, you’re not going to fool anyone. If you think your ads speak to too narrow an audience, then you’re probably right. Try and be objective, see your ads from the other side. Do they make you want to buy that item or go to that website? If not then it’s time to revise.

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