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by | Sep 24, 2018 | Online PR & Outreach

Here at Orchid Box we would like to introduce our newest addition to our web page family – News Fix, a free article and news submission site that is already taking the internet by storm with new members signing up every day.

It is always a dilemma for companies on how best to promote their latest offer, new service or company launch in the most effective way. Such a task can be a very expensive process with marketing strategies generally using lots of TV and radio advertising, and more recently PPC. However, now News Fix offers them the opportunity to post press releases for free. This means new, and existing, companies are essentially able to promote themselves for free, posting press releases and news on a busy site that receives lots of traffic. The more people that post articles on the site, the more the site will be looked at and the more the cycle of people and articles continues. The hardest part is kick starting the cycle but News Fix is already rolling with a substantial amount of traffic already visiting the website.  News Fix aims to be one of the top news and PR sites and looks well on its way to achieving that success.

Newsfix capture

Releasing press releases is an important aspect of marketing as it gives companies a real opportunity to tell the world exactly what they are about. It is also especially good at creating exposure for the company, and its link to the News Fix site will encourage search engines to visit their site. Posting press releases is ideal for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes as it means much more traffic will be directed to the company’s website, placing it higher up in search engine results. It is also an incredibly good branding exercise, as the more people that read about the company, the better they will know the brand – makes perfect sense when you think about it!

News Fix’s website is crawled by Google crawlers on regular occasions, meaning it will be viewed by a large amount of people as it appears more in Google searches. And with articles varying from Computers and Business to Current Events and Social Media there is a wide selection of news to be found!

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