Vote SEO at the Forthcoming General Election

by | Sep 24, 2018 | SEO

We’ve see it on the news, read about it in the papers, heard it on the radio… Yes, the ubiquitous debates between the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat leaders just can’t be avoided. Not that we’d want to avoid them – what with Cameron’s clumsily applied foundation, Brown’s offensive tie, and Clegg’s boy-next-door eagerness, they’re providing much entertainment (alongside some interesting political discussion, of course).

So what does this mean for SEO? Well, for the next few weeks, there will be some politically-focused keywords that are typed into search engines by thousands of users everyday. A fact which SEO lovers should be well aware of – those canny Tories being one of them.

Type ‘Labour’ into Google and up pops a Conservative PPC ad, entitled ‘Labour Has Failed’. Can’t get much clearer than that. Type in ‘Conservatives’ and, while Labour have failed to cash in on this keyword (surprising, given how adept their MPs seem at cashing in on anything else), Ann Summers, of ladies lingerie fame, have taken the opportunity to advertise their wares through PPC:

This was an opportunity not to be missed by Orchid Box (we spotted this prior to seeing Ann Summers’ efforts, we promise) . When working on the PPC for London boutique spa, Kuno Tierra, we bid on the keyword ‘Labour’. Now, I can see you scratching your head, wondering, ‘How on earth did they manage to link a political party with a high-end beauty salon?’

Here’s how:


Inspired, no?

It can be a great idea to link PPC to current affairs, because even if your ad isn’t clicked on, you are likely to be seen by a very high number of users.

NB: Orchid Box do not affiliate themselves with any political party.

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