Does Tiger Woods Need Some Orchid Box Web Marketing Help?

[ Published September 24, 2018 ]

Are things going as off-course for you as they are for Tiger Woods? Feel like you’ve been kicked into the rough, buried in the bunkers, and half-drowned in the water hazards? Tiger for one could certainly do with some help from Orchid Box to gain him some better press.

We’d be happy to produce some quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Copywriting so that whenever one searches ‘Tiger Woods’, we get some positive stories about him – like the quote from one of his buxom blondes who claimed, “He came off as being a really nice person. He had manners.” And he’s clearly a generous man, given that he presented the same mistress with “a ring, a pair of diamond studs and a watch”. (Perhaps he used Google Commerce Search to buy these gifts from Google Store – see previous blog).

And now the contract with Accenture is over, Tiger may be looking for new ways to make some cash – Orchid Box would recommend he protects his brand name via some clever PPC Bidding to drive traffic to his website. Users are currently visiting his site for all the wrong reasons. The website in question –  – has almost no SEO love and what’s more, it has been built in .Net, a very search engine unfriendly technology. Plus, Tiger last updated his blog three months ago. Tut tut.

Tiger is taking a break from golfing to spend quality time with the family. On his hiatus, we’d like to suggest that he keeps us updated with his thoughts and feelings via Twitter – his Twitter page ( has been updated a shameful total of three times. Woods, we want more tweets, or we’ll never forgive you. He’s also been neglecting his Facebook page (), which was last updated on November 6 at 3:59pm – he is a loser in the world of social media networking.  An excellent idea would be to employ us to help put Tiger back on the radar and start rebuilding his reputation online.

Perhaps Tiger Woods is in need of a career change. We have assigned him an empty desk if he wants to do some link building or blog seeding for us – we could pair him up with our interns to learn new, useful skills in web marketing.

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