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[ Published September 24, 2018 ]

is a fast growing market which increasing numbers of business are looking at taking advantage of. Though in comparison to Google Adwords the platform has its limitations and the advert options are somewhat limited, the opportunities for demographic targeting are massive and ensure that many companies enjoy a much stronger return from than they do from Google.

Though Google allows you to target a specific region, placement site or search term, for many projects these options are somewhat restricting and the ability in to target a group of people you know convert well for your site in Facebook is a great advantage to have. Although it is perhaps more speculative (people are not using FB to find your service), and click through rates are low, traffic opportunities are high (over 20m users in the UK alone) and Facebook ads allows you to target a wide range of options:

This demographic targeting is hugely useful for aiming for any users you know convert well, and by setting up different campaigns targeting different groups you can track which are the more effective and optimise accordingly.

Unfortunately Facebook does have its limitations too. As mentioned before, the platform is not hugely user friendly, and the keyword targeting is somewhat laboured – you can only target the keyword options that Facebook gives you, which makes keyword selection is somewhat laboured (though we’ll worry about that). Ad format sizes are fixed, and though you may have an image on the ad it is fairly small and limiting (no banner ads). Having said this, images are a very effective way to improve click rates and it is significantly cheaper promoting image ads on Facebook than Google.

In terms of costs, Facebook gives no real accurate estimations of what your ads will initially cost, and there are no estimate tools available yet so it’s difficult to predict costs. Create a good ad with good text and you’ll find costs can be cheaper than Google (depending on the subject matter), but it can also more expensive too.

If that all sounds very complicated but very promising, today to see what we might be able to offer you!

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