Put Your Car to Work With Whipcar – Car Hire to Revolutionise How You Rent A CAR

[ Updated April 21, 2024 ]

We are very excited by our latest SEO and PPC contract, a site we believe is going to revolutionise the way we all think about our cars.

WhipCar is a brand new peer to peer car rental service that offers car owners and those in need of a car a platform to connect and interact. Got a car sitting around days on end in the garage? You can rent your car out for the rates you want – whether it’s £50 a day, £8 an hour or another time scale you want to put your car to work for. And for those in need of a car every now and again but can’t justify the outlay to buy one, you’ve got the perfect site to go and get a temporary rental on your street for a price you won’t get elsewhere…it’s that easy! WhipCar is starting off in Maida Vale only, but soon will be branching across the country so anyone interested should let them know their interest. So before you know it you’ll be able to rent a car in Swansea or try car rental in Milton Keynes in areas right on your doorstep!

We’ve helped WhipCar get their brand started with pay per click campaigns targeting niche markets and wider scale audiences to ensure they get the best returns possible. Orchid Box have also been in partnership with the site designers to ensure the interface is user friendly and optimised for search engines. Though a site like this obviously thrives on buzz and chatter across blogs, news sites and other online communities (and indeed, offline), it’s still essential that the site is ready to be indexed by Google and targeting the right sort of keywords.

So check out the site at www.whipcar.com and see how you can put your car to work, or rent the car next door – be part of the revolution from the start and save yourself money along the way!

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